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This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) cover This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Ellie Goulding

Is it how small we may feel before our actions and their consequences at time that is expressed through these "who are we...?" questions? How we act so loud and give the facts such a greater than they deserve importance that they end up being "be and end all", downfalls, instead of happy memories and good experiences.

Explosions cover Explosions by Ellie Goulding

True indeed that the moment of acknowledgement is comparable to the moment something explodes. You've been waiting so long for something like that and when it comes out of the blue like that it's so sudden, strong and overwhelming. Especially when you're waiting for the one who broke your heart to face the facts, to feel the way you felt in other words and you've been down on your knees for so long.

Bless the Broken Road (live) cover Bless the Broken Road (live) by Rascal Flatts

It's so true what the Rascal Flatts are singing for in this song. How sometimes when we're taking this broken road, wandering from lover to lover, we feel like reaching out for our other half. I actually think that while driving in this broken road we learn so much about ourselves, the people around us, any relationship formed that in the end we can settle more easily and love someone.

Riot cover Riot by Rascal Flatts

Simple and sweet song. This is how we're afraid that we'll react to losing our partners and, when in love, this idea is killing us. Better not think of these things though, they are things that make us sad, feeling insecure and in fact we're losing more than we would get at this moment, while our partners are not gone anywhere!

Nothing Wrong cover Nothing Wrong by LeAnn Rimes, Marc Broussard

I think this about a marriage -almost- falling apart. Love is still on but actions are louder than words. One of them is guilty, probably of cheating, but both of them are crazy for each other, they're both hurt and they're trying to put the pieces back together. At least, they're sharing common opinions, maybe this is gonna get them somewhere!

Honestly cover Honestly by LeAnn Rimes

That's the kind of silence killing us because when someone asks "what's the problem?" and we respond "nothing", most of the times we're faking. It's a pity how things turn out like this, two people that know each other so well and have shared a great part of themselves and their lives can end up hiding truths and facts from each other. Communication is the key, I guess.

Lookin' For A Good Time cover Lookin' For A Good Time by Lady A

Two people that want to have fun together because they're into each other, without commitments, clearing out what they're seeking from this good time that they'll spend together. No higher expectations and big loud words, that's good. Not foreseeing the future, not using the words "never" or "forever", that's even better!

Demons cover Demons by Imagine Dragons

The beauty and frustration in a love affair, that's the first thought that is crossing my mind. How much we want to keep safe our partner, away from anything that could hurt them, away from "demons" that surround us all every day, but, how can we combine this with the fact that we all have our inner demons?Should we keep them close or far?What's the safety distance and away from what?

This cover This by Ed Sheeran

Words that we would like to hear from our partner in the start of our relationship, words full of love, devotion, trust and affection that motivate us to dive deep in the link between us. Another jewel of simple beauty by Ed Sheeran!

Runaway cover Runaway by Ed Sheeran

So deeply true song, saddening but beautiful at the same time. Many times it occurs that people leave home in a rush because of the attitude of their family, or they even form their own family just to escape from their parents. Lack of communication and affection, formative years full of bad memories while we grow up can cause only pain and trouble in forming our unique path to happiness.

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