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Mary Jane cover Mary Jane by Alanis Morissette

The introduction is condecending. What's the matter you had a hard day because someone cut in front of you in a line? Then she asks, "Why don't you dance anymore?" Dancing is something we do in private to what we think is good music and we can't stop ourselves from dancing when the mood hits us...however, it seems the mood does not hit Mary Jane any more. I can't be sure, but the next verse, to me, speaks to using Meth or Cocain or Crack, any kind of speed related drug. And she's warning, it's a long way down. I hear your're counting sheep again remnds me or restless nights after smoking coke. Counting, sheep but what's the point, 'ur not ging to get to sleep anyway. I hear ur losing weight again, (not eating) but who are you losing it for? You think you look "hot" but no one thinks skeletal is "hot" Full speed baby is her friend snorting more speed and bruises represent the malnutrition of iron and the bruises she gets from the slightest bump as well as the future pain she will encounter because she keeps heading in the same direction She asks her not to censor her tears, because that's what we do in public; we hide our mistakes. And while we love our drug of choice, we have to give it up to have the life we really want and have dreamed of. It doesn't matter who you are, to someone, youn are the last greatest innocent...someone out there is going to be surprised as hell that you were teken by drugs. In the end, she lets the addict know that it's acceptable to be selfish. Encourages her to be selfish and suggests she move on from where she is as that moment. AHHHH Freedom.

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