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Demons cover Demons by Imagine Dragons

I have to admit that despite being a musician myself (and therefor, one would think I knew my basics), it took me two years to realize, what (in my opinion) this song is about. Yes, this song is about inner demons in it's truest form. Be it drug abuse, be it dark, suicidal thoughts or (my personal interpretation, emphasis is on "personal") self-doubt. Basically, it touches me personally to see that I create music out of pure passion, and the only thing that the outside worls is interested in is "Can you sell it?" THese "Saints [...] made of gold" is our personal struggle for wealth and (being a musician) fame! And in my personal case, this struggle, this self-doubt...this demon I try to hide inside, is leashing out, hurting people around me. Even if I try to run away, "with the beast inside, there's nowhere we can hide". And then there's my significant other. A person I rely on, I would confide my life to. She is the one who's getting hurt while I (self-doubting) want to plunk everything down. Because many people around you may not tell you the truth, or tell it too late, their "masquerade" is preventing you from getting a "pure view" of what they really think. This fuels my self-doubt even further, because I can trust no one. Are they honest or not? My personal problem: My significant other is psychologically abused. She is suffering from my self-doubt. And if I want to keep here eyes sparkling, I need to let you go, or I need her to show me a way to deal with the self-doubt, because I myself can't get over it. I can't find a way to excorcise these "demons" inside.. I iknow that this interpretation may be far-fetched (and very personal), but it is partially backed by the offical video, so yeah... I hope you appreciated my soul striptease :)

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