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Clarity - Live cover Clarity - Live by Foxes

I'm in love with this song lately!! I think anyone who has that tumultuous but loving relationship can relate... at least, that's my opinion of what it's about! I am now in a more stable relationship but I can totally relate, and I know as a teenager I would have found this song super romantic ;) I love the poetic lyrics, it's nice to see more 'dancey' music that still tells a story.

Redneck Crazy cover Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr

Love this song! Especially if you watch the video, with the guys from Duck Dynasty. I think a lot of people interpret this to be 'domestic violence' which I find ridiculous. He's clearly not hurting anyone, but he's hurt, he's mad, and when you get a redneck mad you better prepare!! I don't usually enjoy any 'real' bad revenge but I think this song is fun, haha

Revelation Song cover Revelation Song by Kari Jobe

This is one of my all-time favourite worship songs. Kari has such an incredible voice and I think her version is one of the best. It just gives me these feelings of power and joy whenever I listen to it... She has a gift! I usually hate loud music (I swear I'm not 70 years old, lmao) but I like to blare this one and let the music wash over me.

Anaconda cover Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

This song is hilarious! I love it, even though I'm kind of embarrassed I do, hehe. It's pretty obvious what it's about, no deep meaning here. It's all about that booty! However, Nicki is a really clever artist and there are a lot of unique meanings and double entendres in her music.

Night Train cover Night Train by Jason Aldean

I love this song. It's all about a romantic date with a country boy and a country girl. I love the feeling it evokes, of being young and wild, running in the night to hear a train blowing by. They're sitting in a truck, naturally, and just enjoying the night sounds around them. Aldean always tells a story :)

Talladega cover Talladega by Eric Church

Eric Church is like Bruce Springsteen but country style. His songs are about those blue-collar American roots - though as a Canadian I definitely still relate. This song tells a story about his youth, travelling in an old beat up camper with his friends. You can feel how much he looks back fondly on that time in his life.

Give Me Back My Hometown cover Give Me Back My Hometown by Eric Church

One of my favourite songs. It just gives me that amazing nostalgic feeling. This song is what it sounds like - a song about the artist's hometown. I think as well that it's about how hard it is when others move into where you grew up and things begin to change. Eric Church talks about his heritage like it's the most important thing in the world, and you can hear the emotion in his voice.

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