Lyreka Mobile App for Android and Windows
Lyreka Mobile App for Android and Windows

Finding the meaning of song lyrics is set to get a lot easier for music enthusiasts following the launch of Lyreka’s new and exciting mobile app for Android, and Windows devices. The new app is an extension of the and features a community of music lovers who interpret and share their thoughts on music lyrics. Like the website, the app allows users to earn points based on the number of thoughts and meanings that they share with a reward system known as Eureka.

The Lyreka app boasts several exciting features. Users can easily find song lyrics for over 850,000 songs, search and view albums, releases and artist profiles. In addition, the app allows users to post their thoughts on songs, comment on other users thoughts, and customize their profile and more.

What is Lyreka? Watch this video to find out!

Sharing Interpretations of Song Lyrics on Mobile Devices

Launched in 2014, is now one of the most popular platforms to interpret song lyrics and discuss music. When asked about the motivation for launching the mobile app, Founder of Lyreka, Omar Robinson, said: “We have had a very successful growth with our website and now we would like to expand our platform.” He further explained, “Today, mobile devices have become a very integral part in the way people consume and share content and so we wanted to make it easy for music fans to find the lyrics they love and share their thoughts and interpretation with others in the community.”

It’s one thing to learn the lyrics of a song but understanding the lyrics is even more important. Many popular songs are easy and straightforward to understand but others have underlying meanings that can be a little harder to decipher. The Lyreka app helps to figure out the meaning of songs and brings out different perspective and possibilities.

With its elegant design, flexibility, and ease of use, it is no surprise that the app has already found favor with several music lovers. One user, Jono commented: “This app was very useful in letting me know what Trigger Finger lyrics meant.”

The Lyreka app is available for download on Android and Windows devices and will soon be available for iOS.