Hot on the heels of being America’s Sweetheart for her authentic approach to celebrity and keeping the public in the loop on her body image progress, Demi Lovato has never been one to shy away from crafty lyrics and power vocals the float over dynamic pop music. “Confident” is no different.

Growing Confidence

“Confident” is the typical fun fare for Lovato fans but the lyrics are layered with meaning. Considering the song from the perspective of Lovato as a female in the music industry, the lyrics can be considered her perspective of the experiences to date she’s had in the industry.

When Lovato whispers, So you say I’m complicated, and then belts, But you had me underrated, she is taking the time to remind listeners that she’s t the top of her game. Before that lyric is first introduced to us, she reminds us that she’s the boss and we’re in her game.

Demi Lovato Confident
Demi Lovato Confident via YouTube

“Confident” is a multi-layered song and can be seen as a power anthem from many different angles when Lovato sings the question, What’s wrong with being confident? and proceeds to inform the listener that, indeed, confidence is a choice to be taken, not a right to be given when she sings about how she’s letting go. Her reference to the lights being on is reminiscent of illumination, an awakening of sorts.  Thankfully, it’s an awakening that sounds beautiful, powerful, and strong.