Together with John Legend and Kanye West, Big Sean relayed to his fans the battles he confronted throughout his trip and the positive impact that his grandmother had in his life. ‘One Man Can Change the World‘ is a motivating song with a definite meaning that would make you feel each word in it.

Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World ft. Kanye West, John Legend
Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World ft. Kanye West, John Legend via YouTube

The verses and the song essentially provide the sad side of the latter who confessed to being emotional, fell on his knees and prayed merely at a hotel on an hour break from meeting and appearances planned to propel the record.

Conceptualized two years ago for an Influential man “Barrack Obama” and tuned to radios as the fourth single of his fourth official album Dark Sky Paradise and released May 26 this year.

Although Big Sean admitted how shrouded he was losing his grandmother and mentor Mildred V. Leonard; he acknowledged that in a way he was relieved that his Grandmother’s suffering finally ended.

In an MTV Interview he Expressed

I simply lost my grandmother, along these lines, just before she passed, I composed this melody. A noteworthy piece of the tune is about her. She never got an opportunity to hear it. It’s only a passionate thing. What’s more, I’ve got my mother here with me. I’m having some major difficulty tolerating her passing, yet I must recognize my grandmother’s life, a genuine saint.

In the first and second verse of the song, Big Sean looked back at how he was as a child, the way he viewed things with innocence and the way he was brought out, how fast he grew because of experiences, and how it feels to struggle because wealth was not handed to him in a silver platter. He rapped about his brother who sold YaY (slang for cocaine).

Big Sean Reflecting

Sean knows this run won’t last forever and doesn’t want to wind up broke when his career slows down like other rappers. When you have goals to accomplish don’t hesitate, don’t let obstacles push you down, and when you achieve each point of reference commend yourself because that implies your penances are gradually paying off. His grandmother told him that whatever legacy he leaves it has to be positive because once it’s done, he can never take that back (especially growing up in Detroit).

Big Sean is exceptionally driven. He has dependably been a young visionary. Sean realizes he won’t just be doing what he loves, but he will work to be the best. Every time he gets tired from working twice as much as the average man, he reminds himself of an incomparable legacy his Grandmother left.

One Man Can Change The World
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