Beat Assailant I Like Cash cover

I Like Cash
by Beat Assailant

Jun 21, 2010

I Like Cash Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Ya need cash- cash when it's time to eat got loot Im'a bless my feet
Fly clothes comin off tha rack North Face throw it on my back
Son I bounce from that store with sacks
Wanna ask can I spare a dime?
son I need cash for my grass and my studio time
see tha streets don't pass ya checks
ya gotta get bankroll a dough if u want respect
tell ya man he can save his ink
I want it all in cash jackass what tha fuck u think
recognize its tha green that rule
I'm tryin' to get a Benz on the road and my girl in jewels
You should know it's about tha dough
And so I'm gettin' half up front fore I rock ya show
Solo but I hang with friends- like Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin
Verse 2
Ask me how I take my pay I like cash
Worldwide we don't take no shorts we take cash
Ask me how I take my pay I take cash
Y'all know how them streets get down we like cash
repeat chorus
Verse 3
Cash put it in my ride fly girls wanna hop inside
pullin' up in tha parking deck home girls wanna break they neck
big wheels bringin' big respect
tell my girl that I missed her kiss-
Aint tell her bout tha big bank account that I got in tha Swiss
See tha business is only tha math
If you don' see it all aint no way u can split it in half
I need cash- cash cuz them checks 'ell bounce
Need green when I cop an ounce
No doubts when I count my bills
Two times cuz tha cash is real got loot we can make a deal
Otherwise then u waste ya time
Fools should pack up they games cuz I'm paid to rhime
Some of yall wanna work for points-
I'm tryin' to work a sold out arena while I burn my joint
Verse 4
Repeat Chorus x2

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