Fully Loaded
Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded Lyrics Meanings
by Birdman

Dec 11, 2007
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Fully Loaded Lyrics

I gotta get it is ya with me
I'm gone get
Nigga I'm a hit it
Tell me if you with me
I'm gone get it
Nigga I'm a hit it
Nigga we can split it
I'm fully loaded homie
I'm fully loaded homie
I'm fully loaded homie
Yea I'm fully loaded homie
I'm fully loaded homie
I'm fully loaded homie
I'm fully loaded homie
Yea I'm fully loaded homie

[Verse 1]
I'm gone get it
I'm in my shit nigga ready go and flip a whole clip
Nigga empty these bricks
Get it and go nigga and wrap it like shit
Bring it to my neck of the woods we hittin' licks
Hustle like all the time
Livin' like do or die
We in these streets gettin' money nigga stayin' fly
Jumpin' outta parachutes
Birds in the bentley coop we flippin blocks dump the feds when they come through
That's how we get it homie
It ain't no flippin' but we dippin' like dippin' off that dip when we toastin' on 'em
You know the money is a must and these hoes don't trust
Uptown soldier nigga played it from the gut
Live mines split mines tap mines grind for mines take mines
Nigga let me live or let me die bitch
Before I let a nigga fuck with my strife bitch


[Verse 2]
All the time I'm the one that brought em on this grind
Brought 'em on this line brought em in this time
Showed 'em a good time showed 'em I got mine
Showed 'em I make mine showed 'em I'm bout mine
Off the rip nigga bout my shit nigga
Stay gettin' this money homie flip it and dip nigga
Stay in these pearly whites brand new Gucci frames
Fresh as a muthafucka bitch watch me do my thang
Holdin' 11hundred do this shit every summa
One of kind 5 star and them B's commin'
Let them fleas go bitches we get mo
Nigga they all know we bout the cash flow


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Fully Loaded Meanings

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