Hot Water Tank
Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank Lyrics Meanings
by Boldy James, The Alchemist, ICECOLDBISHOP

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Hot Water Tank Lyrics

How much you want for it?
What I want for what?
Uh, it's just a water tank
Yeah, okay

Back and forth, shell casings scattered 'cross the concrete
Pass the torch, bullet fragments splash across your mom Jeep
Eatin' Chinese inside the hooptie, bitch, we five deep
And right beside me, a semi-automatic mind piece
Niggas killed my cousin, so it's fuck you, I deny peace
Scope police dogs sniffin', hide the weed inside of my sneaks
Caught that Twitter talkin' nigga slippin', now I'm geeked
Baby, hand that towel to wipe that nigga blood off my fleece
See, got a Hawk, but traded for my blazer just like Rasheed
I shifted to the D with extra pieces, bitch, I'm tryna eat
Until I make like twenty-five, I keep like ten racks set aside
Just for a rainy day, in case I gotta keep a play alive
Got a throwaway inside the truck, it's a full time job to try to stay alive
When if a fuck nigga gettin' out of line
He gettin' hog tied with a Christmas light, motherfucker

If they get out of line, baow
You see, see this water tank
You're a fiend beyond comprehension
Weak, junkie, rat

Where we at?
They call me Bo Jack 'cause I run pills and I dump base (yeah)
Whole battle was an uphill climb
Nigga had to grind it out like the front brakes (brakes)
Workin' nine-to-five, no lunch breaks
Nigga tryna open up the flood gates (where we at with it?)
Like a uncut brick, all a nigga need is one take (let's get it)
Take one, action (ayy)
Me and Swally had three bodies on the same gun
'Fore they snatched him (bro bro)
Now we live at the Franklin (uh)
Held it down, kept it too real
'Fore he died, never got to thank him (at all)
Dog ranned off with the pack
Caught him down bad and we spanked him (brr)
Burnin' opps in the Backwood
Me and Jody in the Benzito (what else?)
Whole hood know about Lil Dave, caught up with him, he finito
Up above y'all like I'm Skeecho, quatro, cinco, shells sing slow
Hit him two times with the Gleeko (bah-bah), now he flyin' up Pico (ayy)
With Guadalupe and Frederico (yeah), 1942, Meek flow (let's get it)
Turnin' kis to a souffle, extra few K, get a free O (you know it)
Trap hard or go home, nigga had to use his shoebox for a bank
Fiend on his way to the scrap yard, he just stole another hot water tank
Where we at with it?

How much for the
Ah, it's just a water tank

Writer(s): Alan Maman, James Clay Jones
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Royalty Network
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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