Lose Lose Situation
Lose Lose Situation

Brian McFadden - Lose Lose Situation Lyrics

Oct 2, 2006
Lose Lose Situation Music Video

Lose Lose Situation Lyrics

When we fall out I like to go
Driving in my car
Listen to something ironic and
End up in a bar
Get an ear full of shit from a stranger
Who's got a broken heart
Weighing up what would
Be more painful
Staying with her man
Or going back to her

Doesn't everybody feel this
Way sometimes?
It's a lose, lose situation
For a shitty little crime
You can never win with women
It's pointless trying to try
It's a lose, lose situation
Until the day you die

Everybody knows the score
She'll be crying to the mother in law
Then I'll be sleeping out with the dog
Must give Inter Flora a call


Then we make up I'll be walking
On egg shells for a day
I'll clean the house in the hope
That I might get a lay
I think back to that drunken stranger,
Something that he said
"You made your bed so lie in it she'll be
Quiet when your dead"


It's a lose, lose situation
Until the day you die

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