People Say a Lot
People Say a Lot

Carly Simon - People Say a Lot Lyrics

Apr 29, 2008
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People Say a Lot Lyrics

People say a lot when they want the job, yeah
Lining up sideways around the block
"It's not for the money" she say to you
Almost convincing herself that it's true
"I'll take care of your dog when you're away"
"I don't mind working Saturdays"
"When you wanna work I'll work with you", she say
"And I'll go on working when you wanna play"
"Nothing gonna hurt you when I'm around"
"I'll keep my eyes wide open and my nose to the ground"
"I'll be like a mama with a baby cub"

People say a lot when they want the job
People say a lot when they want the job, yeah
People say a lot when they want the job

When you begin to see a sinister gleam
You're locked in too tight on the same team
There's a little holiday in her heart
When she sees you slip up, Ah
It's like Christmas Eve just to see you trip up
Ooops, then down again
She'll sit on the floor hardly hiding a grin
When her tears spill out, crocodile chagrin
It's her contempt for you, she thinks you're a slob


Greatest cook to bring a meal (didn't need a recipe)
Said she'll also deal the cards (dealt the knave and two and three)
Said she also feel the thrill of the willow in the wind
(Feel the thrillo the willow, or oak or elm or ash or pine sol)

It's already too late when she's reading your mail
Calling your agent and making the deal
She'll just copy and paste it and make it last
Nothing is sacred about your past

She'll tell of the poppies in the July fest
Maybe her brother with the badge can make the arrest
"You could go to jail, fail all the tests"
"Forget your keys and your secrets and your little black box"


She was awfully good at fire (fiery fiery hussy burn)
She burned bridges where she could (she really couldn't burn them very well)
She turned young men into torches (burning scarecrow)
She had a way with wood (do away with wood, do away with wood)

People say a lot when they want the job
Lining up eager around the block
Promising, promising never to quit
Well it's a full time job to be a hypocrite
Maybe they remember that they've done it before
Practicing, with their dolls on the floor
The lie itself becoming the seed
The messy mascara, the future deed
The actor's bow, the junkie's need
They line up again just to wipe you clean

They line up again just to wipe you out
Line up again around the block
A mighty force of youth for hire
Spouting ideas that geniuses would rob oh

[Chorus: x2]

"Tell me Phoebe, do you want someday to have an award like that of your own?"

"More than anything else in the world"

"Then you must ask Miss Harrington how to get one
Miss Harrington knows all about it"

Writer(s): CARLY E. SIMON
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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