Sidewalk Chalk At Night
Sidewalk Chalk At Night

Cyanide and Silicone - Sidewalk Chalk At Night Lyrics

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Sidewalk Chalk At Night Lyrics

If I could, yeah I would be a bird
Flying up in the sky
Getting high with my herd, uh
If I could, yeah I would be an ass wipe
Sitting in the classroom with a hash pipe, huh
If I could, I would show you that I care
I would shave my ugly face and tune my thinning hair
If I could, I would turn the music up louder
I'd have hearing loss in about an hour dude!
I'm getting pissed, I'm sitting in this chair
They gave us more homework, I'm screaming in the air auh!
They shoved me in a locker and then slammed the door shut
They slammed it on my head but I don't give a single fuck
I'm still dancing
Dancing to the beat
My shoes are on fire
Got them J's on my feet
Riding on my scooter
I can make it drift
I'll be swinging by later
Picking up your bitch

If I could draw pictures
I would draw one of your bitch
With a pick-axe and a skin pack so I can give her a mustache
If I could have a grand to add up to my hundred thousand grand
I would finally look good enough
I won't have to fuck my hand
I know I got to get to school
But that ain't stopping me from breaking all the rules
I'm Isosceles
I'm cool dude
Cool shoes
You can ask Dale
But don't act a fucking fool
He's got the Oakley wheelchair that he transforms into a tool
If I could digest watermelon then you better believe
That I would lick it off your mom until she's swelling and bleeding
And if I could just see you for another five minutes
I would probably make you cry cause your a bitch for one reason
Bite like I'm teething
If I could I fucking wood like George Washington's teeth
I'm so good
Like my nose bleed
If I could have an Instagram
I'd post a bunch of pictures, man
Of me and all my friends at a birthday that's Roblox themed

Writer(s): brin boner, dubby dale
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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