Spikes cover
Spikes cover

Spikes Lyrics Meanings
by Death Grips


Spikes Lyrics

I skid like Rita lifted ocean
I drift like my planet don't spin
I skid all over marks like I'm haunted
Rev it up, twirl my la-la like profits
It's never much, I'm war-torn in the cockpit
Don't interrupt, my turbulence slaps
My path massive, demands panoramic
Shitty, you're ten thousand leagues subzero sweat dripping
My Hancock do-rag riptides like tent city
Standoff through lowlands eerie silencing

Spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes

Peel out, press me to magnetic slab
Severe swerving, I tow lag
Off uncertainty 'til your zipper locks
My salvia silhouette commence shots
Sixty shots a second on a hexed clock
I strike 'tween each time your solar plex drops

Spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes I'm skidding out
I can't help yourself, I skid in doubt
I've dealt with yourself, I tricked hell out
I'm all helter-skelter, I'm on that Faust
None of me left but reflex skidding out
Pulse in my chest feel like it's fixing to bounce
Bounce, bitch, I can't be the road
I'm crashing into planes, I crash and stroll
Maxed out my oath
Don't blame me, I've no soul

Spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes

My skids 'til the brink, I jizz snowmen
Tall knives in my grill feel potent
My jigsaw manipulates you open
My skids rit rubbernecks agent orange
I skid like I'm no use
My headband expand like I choose juice
I binge, all-black enhance my tragic
Ends to a means I can't establish
Noise of nomads on sapphire spice
Cumulus in both hands, can't kill myself twice
Pawns tremble like dildos wielded by duppies
Traumatized on for size, roadkill hides like yuppies
I'm too passcode, these gates won't stay closed
Control gets old, I smash out my skin
My vessel thrown like slack at the wind
I'm finally astral now, grab my stems

Spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes, spikes

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