Black Balled cover
Black Balled cover

Black Balled Lyrics Meanings
by Dela Jazz2kool

Black Balled Lyrics

Papa was a rolling stone
These niggas is fucking clones
Forever i be in my zone
Keep that stash I'm in your home
These niggas need fucking Help
Living sick come check my p
Body twitching
Trigger finger
Finger itching
Gotta get that paper
I was moving on a faster route

Pursuing now she's choosing
Making movies bout to take her down

Youngen he ain't playing with them blamers he'll shoot you now

Wig spit
Get ya head crack
Get ya Head smack
Quick to twist a neck back

Talking big racks
On the high way
On runway
Take you to another place

Outta space
Out my face
Beat the case
Popping bottles by the case
She be popping up late
Take that dick right to the face

Told her this is not a race
Babe this is not tayk
I'm need about 10k

Just to cop another chain
Im about to collect stain
Everybody know my name
I'm bout to do my thing

Watch me go an put in work
Got these niggas on alert
Got these bitches on feelings hurt
When I leave them in the dirt

I don't got love for these hoes no
I don't be cuffing these hoes no
I don't be using they flows no
I don't be smoking no dro no

I was just doubling
I was just tripling
I was just stack this though yeah
I just be bending the code yeah
Heard they be clocking my glow yeah

Woo nigga
Die slow nigga

I'm from the bricks
An you know how it
Fucking goes niggas

Use to bag that work
Then sell it for the low nigga

I know some junkies
With more money then you broke nigga

What my name
What it do
I'm that's dude

Thousand air

Money here
Money there
I be fly like a leer
I be fly outta here
Bout cop another pair
Got these bitches on a stair
Put these niggas in a chair

If you fucking with my loot
Cut these niggas out the loop

I be balling watch me shoot
Know some young's that'll shoot

What the fuck you wanna do
I go savage let me loose

I do damage damage
Niggas panic panic
Living panoramic

Told a nigga can it
Got Damnit
Niggas can't stand it

Filthy rich
Getting plenty chip
Can't get a grip

Been the shit
Talking baby shit
On some otter Shit

Writer(s): umari faried
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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