Princeton To The City
Princeton To The City

Princeton To The City Lyrics Meanings
by Elevate Minds, WeSingCin, Remembersb

Apr 11, 2021
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Princeton To The City Lyrics

Tryna find my headspace
Need to express
Hopped on the train
Hit the wrong route
That switch was a guess
These simple things
All it takes
To make me a mess
In times of struggle
I can see that I'm blessed
Guilt in my soul
Feel regretful
I grow old and never meet the wisdom of my younger self
Stay longing for something else
From Princeton to the city
Now trippin all the way to the city
I stand in the corridor
I got too many things on me
Staring at the people
While I play to look away
Staring at the seats emptying
I feel the loneliness begin
Tryna understand why my mind feels this way
Workin so hard these days I find my energy drained
So any will give love but the memories still seem to stain
Gloss over life with brush made from someone old for someone new
The paradox of hypocrisy seems to bring a constant truth

From Princeton to city
Now trippin all the way to city
From Princeton to city
Now trippin all the way to city

It's just the sound of your voice
Quick to burn
But soothe the pain
Before it's birthed from the source
I'm coursed to corpses
Never space for backseat drivers of course
I torched a spliff and hoped the ashes meaned somethin
More than ponderin
Lost in who launderin the truth
It's all family business
Never makin it past the blinds
I was slighted by porch lights
Curtailed them for fair assumption
Distractions not welcome
Least to the lonesome
Least until they hear they destination
Watch your step
Know the platform full of landmines
Blank stares focused on time
A damsal tied to the trackline afraid of the bystander effect
Better rush to make the transfer said the strike of the hour
In debt to the strike of the hour at best

This life ain't for everybody you feel me
Four pounds and book that's it
One false move and I cop a bid
NJ trans leavin out of Penn
Cologne my clothes just to mask the scent
Wore two shirts
You can see the sweat
Few grey hairs
You can tell I'm stressed
But I gotta pay the rent
If I make it home then I'm truly blessed
Told I had to blend in
Make sure you get a seat by the exit
Keep calm try not to look threatnin
Went the wrong way if it's not Trenton
Few wolves I can tell that they hungry
They can tell the goods on me
Had to move my sit with the quickness
Fight break out we would all go to prison
That's not an option
Fuck out my conscience
Promised my moms one day I'd be poppin
Three more stops and I pray it's not stoppin
All of this snow gettin hot in my johnson
Few piggies walked into the cabin
Keep cool motherfucker don't panic
Should be alright if you start talking white
Yeah they'll see the light
Look past all the darkness
Better act dead like a carcass
So damn close but shit seem to follow us
All I wanna be is an artist
So why a nigga gotta do all this
Doors swing open here's the sweet release
Wait stop right there said the damn police
I'm finished
Couldn't help to notice that you dropped your keys

From Princeton to city
Now trippin all the way to city
From Princeton to city
Now trippin all the way to city

Writer(s): Laroche Cineus, Liam Dember, Stephen Brown
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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