Dun Ringill
Dun Ringill

Dun Ringill Lyrics Meanings
by Jethro Tull


Dun Ringill Lyrics

Clear light on a slick palm
As I misdeal the day
Slip the night from a shaved pack
Make a marked card play

Call twilight hours down
From a heaven home
High above the highest bidder
For the good Lord's throne

In the wee hours I'll meet you
Down by Dun Ringill
Oh, and we'll watch the old Gods play
By Dun Ringill
By Dun Ringill

We'll wait in stone circles
Till the force comes through
Lines joint in faint discord
And the storm watch brews

A concert of kings
As the white sea snaps
At the heels of a soft prayer

In the wee hours I'll meet you
Down by Dun Ringill
Oh, and I'll take you quickly
By Dun Ringill
Oh, by Dun Ringill
By Dun Ringill

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Dun Ringill Meanings

Two people are deciding whether to meet in the early morning hours at an old Scottish fortress from centuries ago to watch as a North Sea storm comes over the horizon. One is urging the other to join him. The initial references to cheating at cards is basically saying "Fuck it. Let's take a chance and do it." Watching the old gods play is a reference to the thunder, lightening, and heavy seas the storm will bring. He is urging his friend "C'mon, don't chicken out on me." The stone circles are the remnants of the fortress and the lines joining in faint discord is what the sky will begin to look like as the storm nears. This interpretation is also suggested by the mock weather report at the beginning that states some of the lines in the song.

I believe this song is about a Card Sharp talking to and setting up his/her Mark (victim)

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