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Left me for dead back in my past
Resurrect like the Phoenix from my ashes
Disappeared now I'm back poof like magic
Dig me up but it's empty in my casket
Showed Up now you thinking how did this happen
I ain't never letting up so just quit asking
Run circles round the competition they gaspin
What I'm boutta do to the game it's tragic
Will to win in my bloodline
Trait engrained in my DNA
You got problem that's fine
Deaf to all y'all haters say
No more waiting it's my time
Locked and loaded im taking aim
Destroying these haters take my time
Out the cage and there's no escape
Running I'm running im gunning for ya 
Coming I'm coming I thought I warned ya
Stunning I'm stunning you can't ignore
Wrote me off like I wasn't that important
Bounced back like a check that you can't afford
Steady grinding cuz the tops what I'm working toward
You the illest, now I'm here, What you running for?
God's my only judge here and we not in court are we no!

From the ash I rise
Spread My wings and fly
Tear me Down you try
Unleash this champion, champion inside

I'm a character
On the mic I'm a terror
Be Aware if You trigger me, might pop off like a Derringer
These fools you compare me to
Yeah I really don't care for em
Acting cocky and arrogant
Gimme the mic and I'll bury em
I don't gotta cuss em
When they hear me I'm scaring em
Carry genes of a different breed you might say ain't from this area
Eye on the prize I been training Ive been preparing to
Take the game and keep it mama I don't like sharing (No)

Young jones bout to sound off
Fire in the booth bout to bust another round off
K.O. you don't get another round dawg
Won't be happy till these rappers in the ground y'all
This is just a public service announcement
I'm like a rabid dog broke out the pound and
I'm bout to pounce on these rappers and trounce em
Too many bodies in my grave think I'm losing count
I know I'm not perfect but I won't stop workin
Hoping that one day the pain will be worth it
Never stop searching I'm scratching the surface
Learning who I am fulfilling my purpose
My dreams Impossible? Possibly
But I just keep mopping these
Floors with these youngins who acting like they some prodigy's
The ones who were clowning me
Whisper like man how does he
Do this you're clueless, no excuses
Now watch me do this
Thing to the most
You Look like you seen a ghost
You play the game I'm the host
Y'all messed around and just poked
The sleeping giants awoke
Inside his fire you stoked
Now its over you're toast
I'm bout to for the throat
On second thought Be Thor go for the head
I get snappin like Thanos and half these rappers be dead
Tony Stark in the lab weapons a pen a pad
Won't be quiet Rather watch all y'all marvel instead

Making moves homie I seize the moment and own it
No controlling when I start going my opponents roll Over em
Got a flow that's so cold when I let it go like it's frozen
Colder than a stone in snowball Thrown By abominable Snowman
Pen game is explosive When I blow you know what the goal is show em
Im Controlling the game like I Got unlimited tokens
I know where I'm going fo sho aint stopping for no one
The clock is ticking I know that I'm Bout blow any moment
Champion's mentality
Do or die personality
Making my dreams reality
Got these people they count on me
Pounding the ground Im climbing the
Mountain where they look down on me
Wont stop till I reach the top and only thoughts left surrounding me

From the ash I rise
Spread My wings and fly
Tear me Down you try
Unleash this champion, champion inside

Writer(s): Bradley Jones, Kayla Nicole
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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