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Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Make no mistake about it
Things ain't what they seem
I'm gonna scream and shout it
This is just a dream
Verse 2
A simple conversation
Every now and then
A touchy situation
Fascinates a man
Verse 3
What shall I do, if I should see you
And have to pretend that we have never met
Verse 4
Its not a cheap sensation
When you touch me with your hand
A little complication
Can hypnotize a man
Verse 5
How we gonna hide it
This thing with you and me yeah
Everyone can tell by now
I just can't lie you see
Verse 6
What shall I say to hide it, to hide it baby
No words can convey your lips melting into mine
Verse 7
No mistake, no mistake
Make no mistake, make no mistake about it
Make no mistake, c'mon make no mistake, make no mistake about it
I'm gonna make you mine, no need to talk it over, we're
running out of time
Verse 8
I've made up my mind about you
I know in my heart that you have the same point of view
Verse 9
Make no mistake, this is it
Make no mistake, make no mistake
Verse 10
It's not we don't have the time
Make no mistake
Not in the right place
make no mistake, make no mistake
Ooh come on baby, make no mistake
No mistake
I'm talking to ya baby
Make no mistake

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