Kitchens of Distinction Mad as Snow cover

Mad as Snow
by Kitchens of Distinction
Lyrics and Meaning

Aug 4, 1992

Mad as Snow Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
It's OK, It's OK,
I promise I'll stay.
Turn down the lights,
Verse 2
I'll sit with you,
We'll talk like we're friends.
Tell me where this troubled love began.
Verse 3
We can count the flakes as it snows and snows.
We can't get hurt. It melts and fades.
Verse 4
Close your eyes.
They've all gone now.
So it's safe with me.
Verse 5
Was it only last week
We got stoned off the sky,
Flew under the stars?
Verse 6
Was it only last week
We made crazy promises,
Mad as the snow?
Verse 7
Close your eyes.
They've all gone now,
So it's safe with me tonight.
Verse 8

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