Earache My Eye
Earache My Eye

Earache My Eye Lyrics Meanings
by Korn

Apr 28, 2006
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Earache My Eye Lyrics

I said, "I smoke every now and then"
But, when I really need one I gotta have one
Just dying, great tricks
Yeah, so?
To the 69, that was a double deuce
You said something about, "It's on"

See? That's all
What does this thing do? Oh, there it goes
Where are you going?
I'm right here
What are you doing?
I'll do black and white trip
Oh, gotta get 'em X skin on the black and white (yeah)
See what it is? (Of course) It's like an in between thing, like
I'm not black, I'm not white (I didn't know that, where, where is, where is the switch?)
I'm kind, you know
Where is the switch?
Where is what switch?
This, the black and white switch
Oh, you gotta get it fixed up? Right over here
You see, this is dust, every, over here is dust
Danny, what up? Is that your lover?
I love B & B que's (so)
The only reason I don't barbeque on Wednesdays
Is 'cause he fuckin', fuckin' falls in the grill

Oh, what was that?
Little fuckin' tooth
Carlos did it
Hey now, you can do it on command?
You know as, know well as you do you can come whenever you want
I'm the one who gave Taco his name, you know that?
I said, can you believe that? I said
"We had that barbeque", and he goes "Oh, you wanna go to taco?"


My momma talk to me, try to tell me how to live
But I don't listen to her, 'cause my head is like a sieve
My daddy, he disowned me 'cause I wear my sisters clothes
He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of pantyhose

My basketball coach, he just kick me off the team
For wearing high heels sneakers, and acting like a queen
Gonna tie my pecker to a tree, to a tree
Gonna tie my pecker to a tree
Gonna tie his pecker to a tree

Get your boogie off
Go Head

The world is coming to an end and I don't give a dam
As long as I have my bitch, oh I'ma fuck you
It don't bother me, if people think I'm funny
'Cause I'm a big rock star, and I make lots of money
Money, money, money, money (Are you talking pesos?)

Money, ka-ching

Lots of money
Lots of money
Lots of money (I'm so bloody rich)
Lots of money
Lots of mutherfuckin' money
I get lots

I own shopping centres, parking lots, and
Stocks, and all that shit
I own you, ha, you too
You three
For me

Get your groove on
Let's bring it back one more time, Jonathan
Jonathan on them drums, getting ever slower
More groovin, slow that shit down
Crazy slow, come on, death, right here, slow, ah

Don't give a fuck, break it out
You even know, Boy George is on heroin
We don't give a fuck
Rick James is in the crack house
I'm fuckin paying, that's all that matters

The bomb is a-fuckin in the house
Loco, oh
Gimme some

Writer(s): Gaye James Joseph Delorme, Richard Marin, Thomas Chong
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Earache My Eye Meanings

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