Fly Talkin' Go Home
Fly Talkin' Go Home

Fly Talkin' Go Home Lyrics Meanings
by Lil Wayne

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Fly Talkin' Go Home Lyrics

Put that on, right now?
Alright, Gotti, you know this based on a true story, right?
This is it, you know what I'm sayin'? This is it
Alright, now that shit is back on track
You know what I'm sayin' and we got the new team
Somebody's phone ringin', turn that phone off, dawg
Let me start all over
Alright, fuckin' let your phone ring then
You ain't gotta be woofin' at me, dawg, frownin' up and shit like that
Fuckin' CEO-ass nigga won't front
But this the deal, dawg, now we got these new hoes
Surfacin', talkin' 'bout a nigga was trickin' to them and all that
And a nigga bought that ho the Gucci boots with the Gs on them and all that shit
But this the deal, bitch, I bought you them boots, but they came from an outlet store
And the ho that you got them from at the outlet store, I was fuckin' her
So imagine what I paid for them boots, see what I'm sayin'?
And on top of that, you know, you got them boots but a nigga fucked up your credit
Got some head out you and some pussy
And I got a car note that I ain't paid like, in six months, and that bitch in your name
So you ask yourself who the pimp and who the playa?
And I'm out this bitch, ya heard?

Your credit is swamped

I'm tellin' you, it's based on a true story
So looky here, no, bruh, I'm gonna end it like this
You know what I'm sayin', now that a nigga got somethin' on you, ya dig?
I'm gonna tell you where you can find that car, ya heard?
Since a nigga ain't gon' pay on it, I'm 'bout to give y'all the address right now
Y'all ready?
That bitch is at 104th Street, Chicago, New York, that shit don't make no sense

I got one more
Based on a true story? Based on a true story
I'm just gonna shoutout to all y'all, bruh, and I'm outta here
Give a shoutout to Gotti, Mickey, nah'm sayin'
Ty Teezy, nah'm sayin', Mickey lil' sister over there, we love you, baby
Nah'm sayin', nah'm sayin', Boo
Rah, that boy's a monster
Lil Malt goin' to college
All the ugly hoes out there, nah'm sayin'
Beaucoup teeth in they mouth
Probably went to Beaucoup, Washington, Beaucoup Teeth, Washington
I'm cool, dawg, you can stop
That was my service announcement for the album, I'm finished

Writer(s): Dwayne Carter
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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