No Bobby V
No Bobby V

No Bobby V Lyrics Meanings
by Lobby Boyz, Jim Jones, Maino, Fabolous

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No Bobby V Lyrics

(It's them Lobby Boyz for me)
(Snow One Production)

They say a happy wife is a happy life (true)
It's like a nigga always wrong when you ain't actin' right (think about that)
Every trip was a risk when I was trappin' white (you hear me?)
Now we catchin' flights and you be packin' light (ooh)
If it's shrimp in Bahamas, we comin' back tonight (what time is it?)
Everything is foreign when you be at the light (skrrt)
Westside story, dude, we got way more money
When it get cloudy, we take trips to where it's way more sunny
fuck 'em (that's a fact, though)
But now it's champagne for all the arguments (them riches)
Sometimes it make me wonder where your heart done went (you crazy sometimes)
Do you think about the Rolls when you park the Bent'? (You think about that?)
Or you just think about them hoes when you start the 'Vette?

Ayy, fuck you gon' tell me? Bitch, I ain't Bobby V
Brooklyn in the lobby, son, Harlem, in the lobby, B
All of this gan-gang, all cap probably
Heard the whole gang sang, "Fuck is that, Mob & B?"
Hear somebody hatin' on me, you ain't gotta tell me
'Less you come to bail me when they come to jail me
Unless you ridin' with a nigga or you gon' tell me
And we gon' go and wipe this nigga nose, smell me?
I just need a rude girl to tell me somethin' nice
Don't tell me what you doin', baby, tell me, "Book the flights"
Homebody, but she hotel me first night
I got it the first time, ain't gotta tell me nothin' twice
It cost to be the boss, then tell me, what's the price?
Truck like a new fridge, they detailed me somethin' nice
Road to the riches, V12in' through this life
She say, "I know you 'bout your chicken, least tell me I'm the rice"
What's up?

Take a look at my life (uh-huh)
Addicted to the clubs and the women and the night life (I am)
Shorty sat me down, so she clearly not a wife type (uh-uh)
Still took her shoppin', bought her anything she might like
I'm partyin' on most nights, I'm tryna get over that (I am)
Wakin' up with strippers, man, I'm gettin' too old for that (I am)
My ex-girl left me, needed pills to get over that (yeah)
Another '42, nigga, yeah, I'm drinkin' all of that
I'm probably where the hoes is at
Life made my heart cold (uh-huh)
Lobby boy, went from chickenheads to centerfolds (woo)
Barbie toy, shoes off, spinnin' in the Rolls (yeah)
Lights dancin' on these diamonds, swimmin' in the gold (damn)
Baby girl love my scars and my tattoos (woo)
Boy, she never had to ask if I was that dude (uh-uh)
No cap, though
All facts, Fab know (yeah)
Caught cheatin', then I blamed it all on Capo
Lobby Boyz packed up

Bitch, I ain't Bobby V
Brooklyn in the lobby, son, Harlem, in the lobby, B
Ayy, fuck you gon' tell me? Bitch, I ain't Bobby V
Brooklyn in the lobby, son, Harlem, in the lobby, B

Writer(s): Hector "Stats" Marin, Jermaine Coleman, John David Jackson, Joseph Guillermo Jones II, Rich Cliquot
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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