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Japanese Blossoms
by Marie Hines
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Verse 1
Marie Hines
Japanese Blossoms
Japanese Blossoms
Verse 2
Japanese blossoms on tree limbs
Tumbling down in the cold wind
Fall into patches of snow
Little graves will carry them home
Verse 3
You held the earth in your bare hands
Carved out a hole, place the roots in
Swore these roots would grow deep and
They'd feed the fruit of our love
Verse 4
(ooo, ooo)
Verse 5
The marks on this house are too real
We hung the photos where paint peeled
Covered the scars in the dark
With the hope it'd send them away
Verse 6
I watch the world from our window
It's spinning faster than it knows
Funny how nothing has changed
When it feels like nothing's the same
Verse 7
(ooo, ooo)
Step, Breathe, Release
Step, Breathe, Release
Step, Breathe, Release
Step, Breathe, Release
Verse 8
Japanese blossoms, new again
I start to wonder how you've been
But even when winter is long
Spring will always come

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