What's My Name Yo cover
What's My Name Yo cover

What's My Name Yo Lyrics Meanings
by MC Lyte


What's My Name Yo Lyrics

In comes the boom to the bam here I stands
Make 'em all understand that I got the master plan
And I'm ready to work, I go bezerk
A mention to Kid Capri, and the one Red Alert now I'm
ready for the showdown, who's the lowdown?
I'm in a rude mood honey you're goin down
Lickity split, swallow that spit, she make it a tidbit
Blows that you expected from the clique
or the group of the people that I hang with
Rather my crew, my posse, my mossie
It's a big thing when we hang cause we rip when we wreck
When we hit, what the heck? We puttin phony niggaz in check
Seek what I reap; follow you'll learn or get burned
I ain't afraid to buck and earn
my cash flow, I get ass though
Fast or slow, I got the master flow

What's my name yo?

I rip shop, I never flip-flop, I take flight
From the tip-top I rule hip-hop just how I like~!
I just want this to be well understood
I'm here to do good and not to bite on somebody's wood
Years and years gone by
I prepared to be paid for the rest of my decade
I set up investments
And never will you ever see Lyte a contestant
on a Jeapordy game show
Cause that's lame though, what's my name yo?
It's the L to the Y to the T you know the rest
I'm, truly blessed I know the route to express my
inner thoughts and now you're caught
But I'ma let you proceed, cause I'ma succeed
with or without you because I don't need
the negativity, nor do I need the bad energy
that you're tryin to give to me!

What's my name yo?

Here comes the wagon, you know I'm never braggin
So what I'm XX, my pants are still saggin
Boots still stompin, raisin 'em often
From New York umm or should I say - Compton
and back cause I'm all that
I flip a track, because I'm so damn FAT!
I get it loose, I got juice, I spread it
I'm the best, now there, I said it
Now the 4-1-1 is out
And all the hip-hoppers know just what I'm talkin about!
Underground I rock my sound
Up top I still wreck shop
So don't even talk about how I went commercial
when you need to take your ass to rehearsal
Your show is torn, done, ripped
So until you get your show down pat, don't pop no lip
Seckle that noise, don't be rowdy
Cat gotta scratch, yo Mike, I'm Audi

What's my name yo?

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