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Goliath Lyrics Meanings
by Melanie Doane


Goliath Lyrics

I've been sleeping
under the beanstalk
and I've been dreaming
of something big
I don't know how
but I could swear
I'm on my way somewhere

Awake the giant
awake, awake

Hey Goliath
oh you're no bigger
You're no bigger than me

I know I've got something
inside of me
Just like I know you've got
something inside of you
It might be hard
but if we dare
we're on our way somewhere

Awake the giant
awake, awake

Hey Goliath
oh you're no bigger
You're no bigger than me

Say the words you have swallowed
See the visions
in you're mind's eye
Do what you feel in your heart
Awake the giant in you

I've been waiting
for a signal
for something to tell me
everything's all right
But now I see
it's up to me
No one else can fight this fight

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3/10 not really my type of music.

I think the song represents overcoming life's obstacles and the challenges we may have. "No one else can fight this fight" means all these we have to overcome the challenges by ourselves. She is representing Goliath as all of her problems that she has to overcome in life and says " You're no bigger than me."

I think that this song is trying to tell us that we are heros by saying that " No one can fight this fight." We have to make our own choice for better or worse. No trial is to hard for us. "You're no bigger than me. " No trial is to big for us.

I think that the song represents the drive we need to experience all the possibilities in life. Melanie said to Goliath " Oh you're o bigger , you're not bigger than me'. This means that Melanie is as equal as Goliath and that he's no bigger than Melanie. Melanie shows the drive by this quote "'I'm on my way somewhere" just like " Just like i know you"re got something inside of you". This is all saying that Goliath is and can be just as equal as Melanie.

I think the song is intended to be motivational or inspirational in some way. Lyrics like "You're no bigger than me" and "It Might Be Hard" present the idea that there might be something to overcome or move past. The song indicated that the listener or artist may need to stand up for themselves; "Say the words you have swallowed." The song suggests one should perhaps be more courageous, thus comparing the story of David and Goliath.

A very interesting song about breaking through your problems/challenges, Melanie gets this point across very well. You can tell that this was based on the story "David and Goliath".

Melanie compares her problems in life to Goliath and she is bldavid and even tho sue as a big problem she will over come it

you might want to check you're spelling

I feel this song is saying that we need to fight our own fights and over come are challenges and hardships that we have in life. Mealine says "no one else can fight this fight" she stated that we on our own and with a little bit of help can over come these challenges. She represents Goliath as all of her problems and she says that "you are no bigger than me" stating she can over come all of her problems. "Just like I know you've got something inside of you" she is stating we need to be our own hero.

I feel the song represents of the possibilitys that people are capable of doing . And how to deal with our problems. Why I think that is because how we deal with them can affect us in many ways also same thing with our problems.

My personal thoughts on the "Goliath" song is that Melanie is suggesting and implying that you have to stand up on your own, as quoted "it's up to me" and previous quotes like, "say the words you have swallowed." Theirs no time to hold things back, you stand in your own way and you have to take down the enemy that like Goliath. "Your no bigger then me."

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