Authentic Lyrics Meanings
by Michael Nuguid

Authentic Lyrics

I've had people, I don't even know, callin' me names
When they don't even know me
What a story to tell I'm scorchin' to yell
But I gotta save it when I hit the mic a way to fire back
Even if I fail I'll prevail
Goin' through the ups & downs with life like a scale
You can't put the reigns on me I'm throwin' down hail
Locked with the bars in mind no option to bail woo
There is no chain too bright for my sight,
To be hypnotized I don't think I wanna sleep to see a dream
I've been up all night on the grind to see it live, true my
Imagination's been wild since a kid, I've always been like this
I might just start spazzin' out like I'm throwin' fit
I'm focused on my journey mind your own biz
Realer been a ripper & a meticulous victor
Keep talkin' like you bitter you gotta lose
If you wanna be a winner
Isn't it a hard pill to swallow, listen to the facts do you follow
When there's no more in the cup what do you do when it's hollow
There might be no tomorrow that's the hardest thing to take in
My mind has been racin' around & around back & forth like I'm pacin'
I might just go furious that's Statham

I've had friends turn the leaf on me for no reason
At all somebody once told me 'you try too hard"
Well at least I tried that dm only shows me
Where you currently are
People used to doubt me way before I even
Hit the start I still got the screenshots remindin' me
Who these fools are & to remember the ones that
Hated they really tried to tear my dreams apart
Can't be hangin' with the people that don't
Produce the same energy, can't be hangin' with the
people that only likes to discourage & belittle me
Now to me you're an enemy
Be true be you that's word to Laydbak aye
I won't even lie I've been M.I.A, on the gram
As of late, writin' raps, focused on this mixtape
When you got a deadline, there is no time to waste
Writin' what I feel don't expect one lane
Dreams are the things that I gotta obtain
I'm not trippin' on some fame that was not
What the hunter decided to do when I chose to play this game
Used to work at Mickey D's for minimum wage
Then I quit my job cuz I had a dream to chase
One of the dummy decisions I have made but
Would I be where I'm now if I never quit that day
Some of y'all perceive this entire thing as music
I perceive it as therapy it depends on how you use it
You never really know what you can do til you do it
Grippin' on the mental you know I can't lose it
Sick of this OCD, tellin' me, what I can't be
Sayin' I can't be successful, why
Throwin' out fear threats like blackmail cuz
I don't follow your terms when you tryna waste my time

Rest In Peace to Mac Miller pay respects to the
Legends that sadly aren't here to day without em
Your favorite artist prolly, wouldn't be here today
Bounce inspiration from others to others like it's a chain
Planning what I say like I'm writing a script
Life is a movie, Lord help direct it, directin' the train
When I'm off the rails, directin' the lane, when I hit a stick shift
Learnin' to do things on my own I can't have my handheld forever
Stuck makin' choices, is it for worse or for better
I don't know but there goes that leap of faith not knowin',
If you'll drown or come back clever if you fall or
Come back better not knowin', if you'll drown or
Come back clever if you'll fall or come back better woo
Sometimes you gotta walk on, the journey alone
When the people you thought, would be
On the journey with you are the ones not the same
But I guess you can't blame em tho cuz we, all got our own
Journey to walk on with our dreams & goals I guess
What'll make it unpleasant is if they switch up &
Start attackin' you in some way turn face take fake &
Show a side you've never seen befo'
Matter a fact, walk on the journey with the with the
Ones you know and have shown they'll stick with you
Til the very end of the road & that'll might sound a bit arduous
But I guess, time will only notice before us
But I guess time will only have the stamp
To recognize, before we start to realize

Writer(s): Michael Angelo Nuguid
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Authentic Meanings

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