Just Afraid
Just Afraid

Just Afraid Lyrics Meanings
by Michael Nuguid

Just Afraid Lyrics

Sometimes I don't wanna think, that can be scary for me
Maybe I, put it on me Only got myself to blame
When I scroll down the list & I only see my name written on every page
They don't see what I face, but maybe I like it that way
Maybe I am not used to it or maybe I'm not just afraid
I think I'm just afraid

Overwhelmed, anxiety gets ahead I could feel it with the OCD comin' in
With the stress Stressin' 'bout the little things
I could feel it crashing' in stop waving' like we cool
I don't think I can handle this
Damages are made I keep forgetting' this is a marathon not a sprint
I'm holdin' me down to the truth, I'm ownin' me now to the issue
I'm scrollin' it down for the misuse, Is this somethin' I can live through
I'm afraid and I'm scared If I'm bein' real with you
Fed up with these nightmares but they never get a clue
One tiny thing can feel heavy but I don't think they'd understand where I'm gettin' at
It might not make sense but it's clear to me
As I try to pick out, the words I hear but don't see when I bleed
And try to do the best that I can to put it on the pad and say it loud
When I'm low and try to put it all out but I'm scared still cuz

Maybe I'm just afraid (Maybe I Maybe I)
Maybe I'm just afraid (Maybe I Maybe I)
Why am I like this way (Why am I Why am I)
I think I'm just afraid (I think I think I'm)
Maybe I'm just afraid (Maybe I'm Maybe I'm)
Maybe I'm just afraid (Maybe I'm Maybe I'm)
Why am I like this way (Why am I Why am I)
I think I'm just afraid I think I'm just afraid

Always keep it low-key, they think they know me, but they don't really know me
They say you're not alone, but why does it feel like I'm the only one
This place can feel so lonely but sometimes you gotta be
Some days I'm not okay Fightin' this battle on my own tellin' myself I can do it alone
This is a battle I fight but feel like I can't escape Back to write if off I go
If I told you I was depressed would you think of me different
Sometimes it feels like I've sinned too much to where I can't be forgiven
Scared to ask for it cuz I'm scared of my fake repentance
Will surface with the demons creepin' in knowin' I won't feel okay again
As I watch my energy diminish Am I wrong for graspin' these feelin's
I know I need help but you can't help me I'll be fine I say or maybe I'm just afraid

Maybe I'm just afraid
I don't like bein' this way

Writer(s): Michael Angelo Nuguid
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Just Afraid Meanings

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