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by Mike Anvil, Mikey Monkler

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Look at what you did to me
Now I can't even show no fucking sympathy
My opps had tried to get me out the spot but I left swiftly
That Rollie on your wrist ain't got a diamond on it
Finally I can shine in peace
And let you know how I be on it
If I get crossed again, I might just
Have to call my homie homie

Violated papers, free my nigga big Jeromey Rome
We was riding splacks and driving back and forth to corner stores
I really don't spin blocks no more, I pay that price then brodie go
35 shots I heard that chopper left him on the floor
That nigga get to bleeding out, I bet he barely holding on
A life go for a life inside my eyes, that's what I been on
And I keep playing for keeps, tell my bitch she better pray for me
It's money in the safe, and she maintained that money faithfully
I caught that VOP and she the only one that stayed with me
I came home to a Cuban link and a plain Philippe

The universe had blessed me on the finer things
The slightest I had did that I could tell
Well I can't say it baby
You gone drive me crazy thinking bout
How you gone have my baby
Well I can't just do it with another
I get plenty ladies
But it's the depression in my head that left me feeling angry
Lashing out on myself but a snake ain't never did nothing for me
That's the facts, I got to face it
Placed me on a pedestal cause I'm the one
You can't replace me
Baby I'm the realest that you seen
But I'm a silent ranger

I been in the booth a lot and I been dropping bangers lately
Running round the block getting my stars up like this GTA
Sat me down again and then they sent me home on two probations
If we caught the same cases, tell me what would you be facing
If them crackers offered you less time, what would you be saying
Money power respect all on the line, what would you be chasing
All my niggas staying ten toes down, how would you have played it
If the odds were stacked against you, tell me how would you have made it

Tell me what would you do if you had it all
Then they erased it
Like it never happened, like I'm fucking basic
Like my money ain't the only thing that I been set on chasing
I want me designer and some fucking diamonds round my faces
Brace on top of bracelets, thirty thousand just for one
I ain't fucking playing
Tell me what's the reason cause I'm really tired of fucking paying
Pics on top of pics, ain't even got no time to tie my laces
Tell me what you wanna do tonight and we can get it banging

Put a brand new sub inside the truck, I got the fenders shaking
Supercharged the motor for a dub and now the engine blazing
2020 Maybach standing up, the rims is dinner plated
All my niggas say I'm acting stuck up, I been feeling famous
My girl left me chilling with her sister but I might behave
The bitch kind of thirsty anyways, she think she might get laid
I heard she burnt the last one she was with, I think it might be aids
Her nigga said he'd leave her after this but he might remain

Writer(s): Michael Errar, Michael Semok
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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