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Hed Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
See a lot of n****s talking bout war, you understand what I'm saying, war,
But now as a n**** grow, he progreses and he has a lot more happier things
To talk about (more happy), jigga kick that s***
Verse 2
Yo you can catch norea
In l.a.
Wit mo b****es, and I tough titties some fly hoe's
Wit a pound double o's
Verse 3
B-12's extroidinary pushing a man wit (errrr) exquisite
Watch em lock, pivot
Move lemme get it
Straight dig in it
Verse 4
Penetrate till you get straight bo riddick
Half of ya friends said they ain't see him, and him
From a.m. (m)
To p.m. (m)
Verse 5
Ill be chillen wit a hoe in the next b.m.
Yo I dodge fast
Can't mess wit es crack-heads
Back spreads
Verse 6
Purto rican's wit dreads
Yo ma masita
I'm not virg just like the margarita
Guanamena, guantanamena
Verse 7
Jose its like juan, back at bia-bone
Born alone, die alone
Never known to cry alone
I hold it down till capone come home
Verse 8
I used to never drink, now I'm known to drink plenty
Cristal, henny, mo get me on the remmy
Packers sent me dolo, but I order beef semi
Don't make me and my click just down many
Verse 9
(whut) stay high like the blimpses
Nemesis, blow holes through the premisis
Verse 0
Gettin he'd in the whip, and not crashing it
Gettin he'd in the whip, and not crashing it
Yo doggystyle was my favorite position, until I switched s***
Dead s***, got on some he'd s***
Doggystyle was my favorite position, until I switched s***
Dead s***, got on some he'd s***
Verse 10
Give me some he'd
Give me some he'd
Give me some he'd
Give me some he'd
Verse 11
A yo I c*** a cannon
Me and french canannon
Travel to the top of the grand canyon
We don't f***, still instead yo our click gettin he'd
Verse 12
Then we hit the next state
In the next b**** bed
It's all fun to us
When we in the tour bus
Verse 13
Pola-tickin about which b****es we f***ed
Same hoochie that same b**** tha happened in queens
Seeing lil' b****es from the hood stripping in dreams
(what) in it for once
Verse 14
Now toked out and smoke blunts
Then the pussie, still rock gold fronts
Turned out, no doubt
All tha sons showed her the route
Verse 15
Yo I did it all when I was f***in wit the thugs
Traditional, plus a n**** pops sold drugs
Yo impeckable like the f***in chinese rugs
Still sexual, bone'en b****es right in the clubs
Verse 16
Yo inadequate
Deep just like devil's advocate
I bless that, cnn shirt plus a guess hat
My whole click touched that b**** and carresed that
Verse 17
Verse 18
A yo peep the verse
'Cause iraq like strange universe
My chest glow, from the ice left in my gold
It was war when
Verse 19
We used buy weed from norven
Now we straight branch it out
Man s*** out
Condow, three floors
Verse 20
B**** four doors
Looken for yours
Victoria secret in draws
Yo I love hoes who long dick without asking
Verse 21
Waking up in the morning, he'd action
Yo peep it
Nore wasn't always on some freak s***
Fell in love once wit this shortie on some weak s***
Verse 22
Name was nova
I'm on like the iatola
Catch me wit the next mans ladie
Verse 23
Drinking don p. gettin bent crazy
Cristal is for the ones that only drink babies
Yo I love hoes in them g-strings and bow legged so help me god
My dick get hard
Verse 24
See you noticed
Most hoes stay focused
Below the abdomen
Her bell on my scale when I'm stabbing it
Verse 25
And I bless you wit
N****s take out why'all small intestines, mad hoes get addicted
And get domestic
Mad cause I don't f*** em like I use to
Verse 26
Bone they a** like I used to
'Cause now I'm used to, just gettin he'd
Didn't want nothing hit the bed
Verse 27
You know my lah still laying spread
Verse 28
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 29
Give me some he'd
Give me some he'd
Give me some he'd
Verse 30
Yo (what, what) its like type crazy, crazy growing up, doin' the
Same s*** I did, doin' a lil' bid. three and a half years, s***
Felt like a skid nah sayin', you know? I just went and enjoyed
My motherf***ing self, throw my guns in the air

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