Persistence (Intro)

Persistence (Intro) Lyrics Meanings
by Nvder


Persistence (Intro) Lyrics

Never worked for nothing
Parents always took care of me
I just had to go to school
And I could get what I want
And I could go live carefree

But then I got older
Realized all the weight on my shoulders
I gotta make it out, gotta make it through
I've been asking why, God, am I in school

Will you please tell me (Please tell me)
Is there purpose I cannot see
Did I go the wrong way
Am I chasing false dreams? Long hallway
Tears flowing like streams, feel far away
Can you hear my screams? (Ah)

Can you hear my screams? Can you hear my screams?
I've been yelling for years
Do I fall on deaf ears
I've been gone for so long
I've been stuck in the rear

But now I've come back
Persistence is key and I'm back on the track
Too in my mind I thought my shit was whack
Shit man this for all of the pain that you trapped

Lemme start off with this
I'm a kid with a dream and a list
I could talk about my pain and my life
And how nothing goes right
But I keep on and persist

That's the moral of this song
How to keep it pushing how to move along
How to keep with your faith and your trust in the Lord
When you think the whole world is going wrong

Ain't a life you should live
Let go of pain and just try to forgive
Too many kids are just trying to fit
When really they should be perfecting their gift

But listen hear man
Love your life and the strife and live man
Took me so long to finally accept the person I be
The baddest fuckin' person I am
The baddest emcee, motherfucker
I'm a king, I'm a champ
It took me a season now take a look where I am
But now you see
You can be free
If you just chase your dreams
And that's the key
And that's the reason you don't need opinions
That's the reason you just need persistence
That's the reason why so many kids today drop out
Because they don't believe themselves there's no ambition, ah

You got a good life
You got food right?
You got a good night sleep, tucked in bed
With a roof over ya head, you'll be alright
Stop saying that ya trash
Try and focus on the journey
If you can't control the things you know
I know it's hard but don't worry

It's the truth and its cold
I know it hits home
Cause I went through the same thing
This our lives, we both boxing in the same ring
This a collection of stories
Of mine and others before me
Come and watch it unfold
This is the lives of the stories untold

Writer(s): Nader Masoud
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Persistence (Intro) Meanings

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