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Endurance Lyrics Meanings
by Outliers

Endurance Lyrics

Diamonds too shiny
I'm a coal up in this furnace
Rough and dirty and my energy can burn it
Send the flames high
Leaving a smoke signal
Announcing I've arrived
Get too close and you'll be lucky to survive, thrive
Don't mistake me for a rapper
Ask me to freestyle
And I'll break out into hives
Just a white guy from Olivette
Got that 8th to make me Native American
Always had that tension in my brain
Causing mental problems and pain
Keeping me insane
Since I was little in the elementary
Old Bonhomme, rotting at the bottom.
Couldn't ever seem to solve my math problems
Stress getting high
Now I wish i was getting high now
Smoking on a blunt chilled and calm
Label me a dunce
Always thought that once I was really good at school
But every year goes by, I digress, get depressed
Guess I gotta learn something about endurance

Lets run far from here
And Wait for the coast is clear
And Watch the smoke disappear
And we'll run oh
And we'll run out of this town

One two skip a few
Met a girl fifteen
She was pretty fifteen and half
She was nice sixteen kinda
She's a devil seventeen wait what
Made mistakes who's to blame
I was not really
Lets long story short it
Abuse it use it take it end it choke it
There were tears all mine
Done bye
Hyenas on animal planet
Even stopped laughing at this wild life mine
Going downward spiral
Is what it was like to be living my life for a while
Pitfall to addictions to the meds and the luscious skin
Those are things I couldn't touch
So I did myself
Looking in the mirror for all the hate
I could find up in myself.

Lets run far from here
And wait for the coast is clear
And watch the smoke disappear
And we'll run
And oh we'll run
Out of this town girl now

So I bottled up the hate
Thought that no one relate
Took going to Mexico to figure out
What was up with my mental state
Yo got OCD with a side of depression
Oh man someone give me an option
Rather have
French fries as a side of something
Delicious and not so vicious
And wrecking my brains good intentions
Could this just be a would you rather moment
Only have to remain with one
I'm just trying to haggle
God can be tougher than a gaggle of Chinese merchants
Trying to bargain on some wacky scents
I guess I have no common sense to do this right
But really did I ever
I don't know
Here we go

Let's run far from here
And wait for the coast to clear
And watch the smoke disappear
And we'll run oh
And we'll run
We'll run far now

So I was stone cold eighteen
Not too many friends up in my scene
Just my family and me
Then this girl walked into my life
Making me feel free
Whoa me she's as beautiful as can be
Thinking to myself yo you can't mess this up
Your brain just get in the way too much
Tell her you love her
Tell her you care
Wait thats not fair
Because you and her
Couldn't possibly equal a relationship
Oh throw out this math test
Just do it
Go for the kiss
Thats how we do this
That was
One kiss
Two kiss
Three kiss
We've got a relationship
That have married couples
Knocking on our door
I'm done with the song
But theres always room for more
Lets just drop the mic
And leave it rolling on the floor
I'm out

Writer(s): SCOTT BROWN
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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