Last Night
Last Night

Last Night Lyrics Meanings
by Roscoe

May 29, 2003
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Last Night Lyrics

(Baby) Yeah
I mean, I mean
(Let's talk about, what you mean?)
(It's all good you know)
(I don't know about the J-Lo)
(Crib? Uh-uh, no baby)
(Call me later, alright?)

Every morning when I wake up and open my eyes
I check my pager to see what up with all of my wifes
They all love me and occasionally they hear of each other
But they never bump into one another
See I'm a real player baby
I got my act down cold, play the roll
Believe what you want to believe
You want me to leave? I'm out!
I don't need this grief
You probably the type of chick that would call police
Shoudn't never got involved with you
But see it all it went down so quick and now its hectic
I couldn't care a girl so fine, but so lost in the mind
To me it was just a good time
So don't sweat me and I won't sweat you
You don't forget me and I won't forget you
I'ma try to do this thang right
So every single time we do get together
We make it special like last night

[Chorus: LaCrisha (Roscoe)]
Scodie (Whats up?)
Why you act like you don't know me? (Say what?)
After all the things you told me, last night (Yeah)
Last night, Last night (Last night)
Last night (Yeah, Why you act like? Scodie why you act like? Yeah)

[Roscoe (LaCrisha)]
We started all slow with the park, just chillin
Politicin, I remember (last night)
It was such a good feelin' I can never forget
The way we met baby, I remember (last night)
See its plain and simple
There was a chemistry that couldn't be coincidental
Like it was meant to be
Intimately, mentally, sensually, physically
It was divine destiny for you to get with me
Lookin' all good, the smellin' all bombs
Straight up out the hood labeled as a dime
You said you got a record, you could make it after nine
I'm chilled with that, but then you hit his brother back
You said you called out and I should come where you was at
I knew it was also known as "I got directions to the flats"
So I hit the gas station to get a pack of magnums
Cause anything can happen, I remember (last night)


[Bridge: LaCrisha]
You said the right things, you blew my mind
Whispered sweat words, sayin' you want my ties
Don't front boy, you remember all the lies
(You told me)
Baby I just gotta make you mine
You're fine, yeah, you know that you's a dime
So don't waste my time, be here by, no!


Yeah, last night
Why you act like? Scodie why you act like?
Why you act like? Scodie why you act like?
Why you act like? Scodie why you act like?
I don't know baby
Baby, I don't know baby,
Yeah, yeah, real big
Why you act like? Why you act like?
Scodie why you act like?
Y.A., yeah, yeah
Y.A., yeah, Y.A
See man, Y.A., we out
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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