Rue Snider Just About Now cover

Just About Now

Aug 25, 2015

Just About Now Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I've been using my senses
But I don't know what for
I've been trying all morning
To just get up and walk to the door
She's been calling me baby
For three days and I don't know when
After I leave here
It's ever going to happen again
Verse 2
So I roll over and kiss her
Tasting her breath and smelling her hair
She leans toward me and I touch her
I can see her we both stare
Listening to perfect silence
Both knowing the truth some how
That one will start leaving
Because we gotta get going right now
Well just about now
Verse 3
Goodbye to my eyes they only fail me
Goodbye to my ears they hear loneliness now
Goodbye to my tongue that tastes memories
Goodbye to my nose that's been breathing her
Verse 4
I've been using my senses
But I don't know what for
If I didn't have them
This would be easier

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