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The New New Colossus

The New New Colossus Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I heard one man call another man a "camel fucker"
"Go die in your homeland you brown faced
Dromedary lover
So you managed to destroy the place you're from
We the people reject your plea to come
Go back to your sand pit"
Verse 2
I heard one man call another man a "sand nigger"
"Stay outta my way man I ain't afraid to pull this trigger
So the piece of piece shit Muslim president finally let you in
Well I grew up here and my face doesn't look like him
And I am America"
Verse 3
Give me your tired your poor
But here's the New New Colossus
We'll take refugees from places
That don't hang people on crosses
'Cause here we just burn those
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
"But these wretched are too wretched for me"
"Send these homeless tempest-tossed ones home"
"It's not my fault they don't got one"
Verse 4
I heard one man call another man a "camel fucker"

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