Broken Men
Broken Men

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by Shim

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Broken Men Lyrics

Verse 1

You got you're memory to tell you how it used to be
You got this century but time is flowing endlessly
You got the thoughts inside your head to keep you going strong
You got the heart inside your chest to keep you moving on

You got instinct to tell you when you need to walk away
To save yourself the pain of staying for another day
You got your dreams to tell you who you really wanna be
The hardest part of being part a humanity


Sometimes when we have fallen down
we get back up from off the ground
but we're too scared to fall again
so we walk like we're broken men
I will start this from where I stand
I will be what you say I can't
I don't care what the future brings
Cause the end is where I begin

Verse 2

Why don't you sit for a second
Take a listen to this record
and I bet you it'll get you to the point of second guessing
The blessings are all around you
Half stepping even on a lesson that could ground you
Lost you, then found you
I've been broken see, so my philosophies
outta be taught like prophecies for your degree's
The modern day Socrates with a crowbar for lock jaw
What you see is what you get and what you get is what will saw
Any singer in half
You're image is enough to make prozac laugh
You're on disasters path
I've got a throwback craft and my smile could kill sunshine
I can turn a snake to a staff with one punch line



There's something different if you're wanting something different.
There's something different if you want it.

Verse 3

We got our memory to tell us how it used to be
We got this century but time is flowing endlessly
We got the thoughts inside our head to keep you going strong
We got the heart inside our chest to keep us moving on
So keep on moving on

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