Get Down
Get Down

Get Down Lyrics Meanings
by Sound Providers

Sep 17, 2005
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Get Down Lyrics

You know it's funky funky funky Ôcus you heard it from here, say
A jam ? oven rockin' underground airwaves
Words amplify through your speakers and amps
it's time to Òget down, get downÓ with the Sound Pro camp
And clap your hands, to the rhythm we bring
this is a joyous event so let your physical swing
Break beats and backspins, an old pad and a pen
These are broke mans poems, from begining* to end
The P-are-O with the soul, so let the record play
Revival of an old school sound, for the president
Always on point, no time for what the jalous say
The essence of a real rap sound, check the resume
And keep it movin', yo the vibes right here
Three sixty degrees another world premiere
So raise your glass, Ôcus we're the toast of the town
Yo, Soul grab the mic Ôcus it's time to get down

(Dj scratches)
"So let's get down, get down"
"So get down, get down" (4x)

Check it, I exist in the world of sound
Hit record spots from town to town
Dug deep in the crates where plates are found
Schooled by the greats that shaped the round
Phonograph, yo I break roots in half
Straight architect gets down for the craft
With the sound that hits the spot
Makin' heads bob while your speakers get hot (echoes)
I'm gonna add vocab into the mix
Articulate my words so the concept sticks
Then ascend with the three Sound men
Straight to the peak, where poets speak
Jams are live and people vibe
To the underground sound that's history bound
Once again, we're gonna get on down

"So let's get down, get down"
"So get down, get down" (4x)

This is remeniscin' of the days gone by
When the brothers were fresh, and the ladies were fly
Dancefloors were packed, and cold bottles were cracked
Dj's dropped the needle for the crowd to react
To a funky type of tempo that the wax rotate
Fresh rhymes are served up on a 12 inch plate
For the nation to see, the live science to be
Definition of soul on the M-I-see
Interlect is displayed, when the vocals are laid
Timin' is a factor when dissisions are made
So step inside the party all egoes aside
And let the crowd rock steady to the sound we provide
The three man band, Jay Skills and the Pro
Last but not least is my man Soulo
Creatin' the sound, that makes you gather around
Once again, we gonna get on down

"Get down, get down"
"So get down, get down"
"So let's get down, get down"
"So get down, get down" (3x)

Writer(s): James Todd Smith, Bobby Erving, Darryl La Mont Pierce, Dwayne Simon
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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