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July 26, 2013

Camouflage Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
We act on animal instinct, survival of the primitive
Invade your camp, then set up a perimeter
Interrogate the prisoner, ransack your residence
Order from the president to document this evidence
Company Commander, this is my version of capitol punishment
Scars from carvin' out shards of shrapnel
Attackin' with passion, the movement of murder is intimate
In hand to hand combat or atomic bombs that disintegrate
Let me reiterate, in a state of neurosis
A license to kill, plus an expert with explosives
Assault forces, feel the shell shock
Section 8 sounds great, give me your cell block
As sure as hell's hot, I'd rather go there
Crouch down, jungle fatigue, guerrilla warfare
Armed watch, think about the bullets I've dodged
Light a smoke an' post it up for the night in camouflage
Verse 2
I make my face thick with paint stick
Today's the dawn of the infected insects
Bees, butterflies, beetles and panza dragons
There's danger of Ganza Syndrome in my squadron
We hate them all, that's why we made the 8 ball
The milk and water tastes like typhoid and protocol
Sleep deprivation, magic carpet bombin' ride
I'm talkin' through my gas mask, walkin' down a thin red line
You're currently tuned in to N-B-C,
The only channel that you'll get is from my M-16
I lace my boots and place my troops
I'm more terrified of mosquitoes than I am of the paratroops
I'm in the shit box, reading Alfred Hitchcock
5 minutes later I'm bleedin' out my snot box
I see the witch doc, he's says it's rice grains
Dropped from airplanes, sprayed with anthrax
Operation Peking, take the ground back
It's found in brown rats,
And in the toilet paper issued in your ruck sack
Agent N, Agent X for the fade to black,

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