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Castin' my fears into the fire
The blue smoke arose
Time to get it movin' I suppose
Why the enchantment responds to Minister Earth

Plain existence
Follow these sentence structures
Fine art
In clothes his majesty stepped into the summit

My point has registered
One-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninety-seven Legend Earth years to present
Passed beyond the heavens too many
Of a caliber emcees who rock well, tell it

Intelligence while we skip the hate
Trailin' off into the sunset
To test 'coherentness'
But comin' hell a fresh

While the rest seem effortless
Attempts imagine this
No wish, no storm, no wand, no spell
Magical times without a hail enhancin' the bliss
That you hear while you keepin' this in fear

[Chorus: x 2]
Magical times, we movin' on enchantment
Of musical minds, we be the strong lastin'

Tell me, can you feel the magic?
We have it bottled and stored
Movin' forward with our swords made of tongue
All aboard, time to hear the ocean's roar

Collect the potion for the sky through which we soar
Has no walls
No boundaries
We fall through the atmosphere freely

See me with a tape in hand made from nothing really
But it includes my soul and my whole take on life
You can nod your head and make the magic shine bright
You don't need X-ray vision or a super power to be

The initial fee is seven, but after that it's free
It's like a tree, and I go deeper than what you see on the surface
Servicin' all; relax, quit feelin' nervous
Stand up tall, face the music

Take advantage, go 'head and use it
Profusion with the rest, and I feel the (unknown) just stupid
I have trooped with many groups through this land of the enchanted
Waiting for my turn to have my wishes granted

[Chorus: x 2]

At the beginning of this weakness was the foolish and the ultimate hope lost
Wanting to turn iron into gold to roll the Earth off
Of the same axis, to rotate throughout the gate
Causin' ripples of tide

And distortion of space-time continuum
I'm doin' somethin' also would hurt
So prepare for the work of a king
Minus perk I'm a jerk
Your far thought two and two upset to just rest on the pillow of death
And just rest


Eclipse 427 beats plus magical speech
I hope you reach
The top
And Murs, you better not stop

When Mystikal freestyles, then everyone drops (watch)
Side-O.P., cast some spells lyrically
Big Shotz, it appears to me you have the magic
Arata and Asop, yeah, they have it

Eligh, makin' fools careers look tragic
Gonna bag it up and take it home
We got that shit sewn fit-formed to my palms
So everyone just sit calm

And it'll be over in a few
Mystic Journeymen, that's fam
I thought you knew
We all magic

Brad, Jeff, Leslie and my momma
We all magic
Even Bizarro's magic

[Chorus: x 4]

Strong lastin'

Magical times, we movin' on enchantment
Of musical minds, we be the strong lastin'


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