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Atlas cover

Atlas Lyrics Meanings
by Tomcantsleep

Atlas Lyrics

My mind's been flooded for more than forty days
But I forced myself to float with boats that split apart but somehow stayed
On top that water, wandering like concrete beneath the feet
This one's for the ant hills turned mountain peaks that won't retreat
Tunnel vision stricken, spittin' liquor out my lifeline
So I can finally hold the torch correctly in the night time
(Burn it down) Start from scratch, flip the tables, eat the scraps
Scrape the broken plates clean, so now the skinny's getting fat (what)
My people pace around a school of fish
And add that mercury to mix before they finally fry the dish
And I'm no different... I'm stripping mother nature like a vixen
Forcing her to blow the whistle like a fucking rape victim
Didn't really fall asleep, but still feels like I'm waking up
For once, I listened to that voice that screamed through where I taped it shut
Stuck between a boulder and a bottomless abyss
Awake for Now, for all I know, tomorrow won't exist

Like... shit... Is that it? Naw it can't be it...

I walked the desert for more than forty days
And I held a conversation with Satan until my soul was plagued
Now it's Hades hanging over heads like where my raps are
Completely in the dark, but still create where they don't have stars (yep)
I slit myself the smallest slice of Heaven
And buried that below so I could grow in that direction
I'm digging deep enough to sink beneath the weight of Earth
And now I'm eye to eye with Atlas trying to pass me off his curse

Writer(s): Tomcantsleep
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Atlas Meanings

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