No One Knows Shit

No One Knows Shit Lyrics Meanings
by Tomcantsleep


No One Knows Shit Lyrics

I've been truly trying to find this
Pass the time writing rhyme schemes that's really timeless
My mind drifts, I let it go. Feel this shit from head to toe
Lit the wick, step back, inevitably set to blow
Ya never know, stranger things have truly happened
Like actors getting famous for not living what they're rappin'
Cool, calm, and couldn't give a fuck is my reaction
Max comfort in my own skin is never not in fashion
I fast forward to the days of Hades freezing over
When a couple weeks can pass and I can actually see it sober
It's getting closer, like a desert full of water fountains
Meticulous with words like numbers are to ya'll accountants
I'm counting on the final count down to do my dirty work
They get on stages just to dance around and circle jerk
Filling up pages like I'm running out of oxygen
How'd he leave it all behind while taking quite a lot with him?
A lot of practice in this craft that we've perfected
Sending countless masterpieces through the mail to get rejected
Not the type to fraternize, so I ain't too connected
I'd rather stare at blank walls than beg to be accepted
On second thought, I'm sick of second guessing all my first ones
I only make mistakes so I can have something to learn from
Used to take advice until I found out no one knows shit
It's always the most blurry eyes saying that they're focused

Too many foggy days, overcast, all I saw was grey
Until the wind blew and it pushed my back and I had no choice but to walk away
False profits led us all astray, so I let the flow stay godly
When the flesh and bone return to home, you can see the work that I've bodied
When I'm by myself with an Arcade beat, there is no other place I'd like to be
When I speak my piece and they understand, damn, holy shit, what a sight to see
Can't no man take the mic from me, when I'm done it gets dropped the floor
When you give em less, they get obsessed, so you leave and they all want more...

On the verge of another nervous breakdown
Praying for a breakthrough, while I'm forced to wait around
Purgatory practice... Death can look attractive
With all the padding and the pillows that they put in caskets
Can't afford it though, days moving sorta slow
Years pass so fast, I wonder how much more to go?
Eventually, the rain stops and then you're forced to grow
Like I know that if I keep walking then a course will show
Of course I can't function normally if I ain't writin'
Funny how my hand's the perfect size to fit a mic in
Been around a long time, saw some bright lights dim
If you let it burn out, it might not reignite then
What a tragedy, that could've been a masterpiece
Impatience made a man a victim of it's vanity
I can't believe that I can just stay put and not be shaken
Trust the process, no matter how long it's takin'

Writer(s): Thomas Moore
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

No One Knows Shit Meanings

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