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The Prelude
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Mar 24, 2017

The Prelude Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I been stressed out (yeah)
I ain't feeling my best (no)
All they want is my sex
I got the best out (I got the best)
I'll do some things you won't believe
So many weaves, I done sweat out
Think I might've found love one time
Think I might've found love few times
Yeah, probably (ooh probably)
Think I had a good girl one time
Think I had a good girl few times
I'm sorry
Why oh why in my bed I lie
All alone, my eyes open wide
I wonder which one of y'all finna come up
Do it sun down 'til sun up
And she won't tell me no
Yes, she gon' come running
I keep girls on hold, I'm not being funny
But tonight I'm on a different time
Want something I've been trying to find
Maybe something I done left behind
Baby, fronting but it once was mine
Verse 2
All the times you were disappointed
All the girls 'cause I'm always lonely
I'ma miss you, yeah, that's what she told me
Now I'm wishing she would pull up on me
(On me, on me) Yeah
Pull up on me, now I'm wishing she would pull up on me
(Pull up on me)
Pull up on me (now I'm wishing she would pull up on me)
Baby, pull up on me
Yeah I wish she would
(Pull up on me)
Pull up, yeah!

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