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Bye Bye Bye cover Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC

I really love this early oo's pop anthem, you see JB and the rest of them, hanging by marionette strings on the video clip! The lyrical content isn't much of a philosophical one, it's about ending a bad relationship and some cool keys to accompany them!

All She Wrote cover All She Wrote by Firehouse

This is a hair metal album that was released in 1990, a year that was historically also the end for the genre. However this song is just awesome! It's about a girl leaving from one's house (and thus his life), leavinh behind her a note, apart from a devastated soul...

Alive cover Alive by Krewella

If you try and look up Krewella's tunes on YT, "Alive" will first appear in its acoustic version. It was the single that put Krewella in the map in the first place, it has some nice vocal lines and the whole song it directed to a person, that it's easy to figure out is functioning like a sunlight beam for your face

My Gun cover My Gun by Tove Lo

Being a little confused if the chorus of the song is about a simple ditch after the sex or it is a true love calling; Either way the main theme is lust. Yes, warm sweaty lust for the longing touch of a certrain person, whatever "shoot me down" might stand for, sex act or wearing clothes and getting out of the door.

Habits (Stay High) cover Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo

She just will try to get out there, pretend to have a good time, in fact do all the things that might make her happy, however it all is just a curtain behind of which is a face hiding; A face that is tried to be forgotten.

Soul Is Heavy cover Soul Is Heavy by Nneka

I've never been in Africa, but I reckon this pretty much could bring tears to any Nigerian. As every nation has a part of suffering in its history, Nigeria's is unfolding within this lines. leaving a Nigerian soul heavy when singing about it...

Lucifer (No Doubt) cover Lucifer (No Doubt) by Nneka

Back in the first year in college I met a guy who I heard him say on a conversation "Recently, I've come to this conclusion: Money and time are the 2 worst enemies of humanity, and those 2, are its creation".

Restless cover Restless by Nneka

I just find Nneka and her tunes so adorable! This is mellow track about realizing something harsh; realizing your lover (or should I use the internet trend "bae"?) isn't into you as much as you are into him/her. Hard this one and it calls for maturity to face it.

Stay cover Stay by Nneka

This is a rater dark, esoretic cry about a love loss, or to be more specific a love vessel that has been broken and its pieces are not meant to be stay glued by the love tears you might waste for it.

Nobody Told Me cover Nobody Told Me by Puddle of Mudd

A selfmade's man lyrics. Parents and siblings, in my opinion, are meant to stand there as a lighthouse lighting those dark,no comprihensive places and times you might stumble upon. Not to control or manipulate, but guide from a distance. What if this so-called lighthouse just isn't there for you? Then all you have to do is learn to dive into darkness by youself.

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