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Problems cover Problems by Anne-Marie

This song is basically a motivation for all the people who are struggling with their relationships. The song basically talks about hoe anne marie herself has had to face many problems with regards to her personal life and romantic life. But despite all the problems, she did not give up on her love because this love is what became her strength. The people's response to her song also shows how much they can relate to it.

Jingle Bell Rock cover Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

This song is about Christmas. In winter season how people enjoy each and every moment of the Christmas celebrations. It is showing how the jingle bell leaps in the wintry and frosty air and wants everybody to enjoy and relish. This is the season of winter break so just pick up your feet, start dancing and adore this time. It’s all about, how to bring greatest happiness in your life and how to make others jolly too.

Circles cover Circles by Post Malone

This song is expressing the situation of when you’re evidently stuck in a bad situation , primarily a relationship in his case , and you try to run away from it but you’re running in a circle and keep coming back to it hence the line, “run away but we’re running in circles” . Like Post Malone said “A lot of my music is about being a glutton for pain”

Falling cover Falling by Trevor Daniel

The lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ talk about the promise that the writer made to himself after his previous heartbreak.this song is about a guy who again fell in love with the girl even though he was thinking that he couldn't, as his last relationship did not last long.He swore to himself so as not to get himself into another romantic relationship. However, he is changing his mentality on the subject after his encounter with someone he believes he can relate himself to. He is ready to commit himself to another romantic relationship if he gets what he wants from his romantic interest. He is ready to give everything he’s got to his crush only if he is treated with respect. He want to talk to her as this is the only way to know what she feels about him. The singer wants his new love interest to show him that she actually cares about him. He is trying his best to keep this relationship last as he don't want to broke his heart again.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town cover Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by The Jackson 5

The funny thing is, I actually used to believe everything told in the lyrics of this song as a kid. This song is basically telling about all the "myths" and stories kids are told about Santa Claus and the concept of Christmas. The singer is warning the kids that Santa Claus is about to arrive. They should be on their best behavior so that they are rewarded by Santa. When you are on your best behavior, you get to be on the nice list, otherwise you get on the naughty list. Quite a bummer when you realize it's all a big fat prank right?

The Lighthouse Keeper cover The Lighthouse Keeper by Sam Smith

In this song, Sam Smith is basically showing his lover that he will be there no matter what. He is depicting the world as an ocean where there is no sign or beacon of hope. But Sam is saying that he will be the guiding light for his lover. He will be there through thick and thin. His lover will never feel afraid or alone in this scary world. This is because Sam will be his "Lighthouse keeper". He will be there to keep his lover safe at all times.

Holly Jolly Christmas cover Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Bublé

Christmas is not complete without all these jolly and fun Christmas songs. This song really helps get you in the Christmas spirit. The lyric "It's the best time of the year" is very true for most people. Christmas really brings out the best in all of us. The decorations, the lights, the presents, everything is really beautiful and heart warming. We get to meet our friends, family, loved ones. W get to eat amazing food, and just have a great time in general. It truly is a holly jolly Christmas.

Dancing in My Room cover Dancing in My Room by 347aidan

Feeling down mentally and emotionally is not an uncommon thing. Almost everyone experiences it at least once in their lives. We all have different ways of coping with such issues. Some people like to deal with it on their own, some with therapy, some with family etc. The singer of this song is telling about his coping mechanism for his "demons". The singer is saying that for him, his lover's presence and affection is what gets him through in his down days. He is saying that with his lover, he is extremely happy and "dancing in his room", which is a sign of joy and happiness.

Train Wreck cover Train Wreck by James Arthur

James Arthur certainly knows how to make someone get really emotional with his lyrics. In this song, he is basically describing the breaking up of a relationship as a train wreck. He is saying that he feels really hopeless and helpless. He feels like he is about to die. But death is something he is not ready for. I think death here is representing heartbreak. He is asking for help to get rid of this emotion. He is desperately trying to save the failing relationship, but is not succeeding in doing so.

All We Got cover All We Got by Robin Schulz ft. KIDDO

The meaning that I perceive from this song is that life, and humans, are not perfect. We cannot hope to be absolutely correct at all times. And if we do make mistakes, we do not have to feel horrible for it or to apologize for it. The mistakes are what teach us and what makes us human. So a perfect world is basically an illusion, and we can only dream about this illusion. We can't turn it into a reality.

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