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The Crow & the Butterfly cover The Crow & the Butterfly by Shinedown

This song is about a mother losing her son, the crow is a representative of the sons memory that is chasing the mother which is represented as the butterfly. When the lyrics say the things about painting the room and putting the books on the top shelf it shows that she's having trouble sleeping and is attempting to get over him, where she is wrapping his pictures in newspaper blankets is her putting away all the reminders of him so that she'll hopefully get over him, but his memory hits hard. Where it goes "your words still serenade me, and your lullaby's they wont let me sleep i haven't slept in what seems like a century" suggests that she is struggling to be able to sleep at all because his memory is haunting her and his lullaby's won't leaver her head because of how much she misses him.

Question Everything cover Question Everything by Five Finger Death Punch

This song could have also been about a father who has some sort of mental disorder which is causing him to see everything differently, and in the 2nd verse he could be talking about himself and his inner demons, and he could be against perfection, and as the darkness of his mental illness could be changing the image of his daughter.

Question Everything cover Question Everything by Five Finger Death Punch

this could have been about a father grieving the loss of his daughter via death or even via shes changing because of the guy shes hanging out with. Yes the explanation of him grieving via death does make since but there is also the daughter he loved was changing and straying far from what she could've been, the queen. Also the man being explained could be the man changing her because younger females typically go for the edgier or more bad boy vibe guys, which you can believe since the lead singer and his best friend and band mate along with 2 others wrote this song and the lead singer has a 18 year old daughter now. So the singer's daughter was about 15 when this was released, so yes that could be it. or it could stray so far from the actual meaning.

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