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She Belongs to Me cover She Belongs to Me by Bob Dylan

This song is about an inspirational and respected woman that lives her life her way, to the fullest. She also has style and flare and helps to bring out the best in others, and help them through the tough times. A mother perhaps?

Love Cats cover Love Cats by The Cure

This song to me describes two city people in love that have met recently. It describes a dynamic relationship between two people ( the love cats),that are in a whirl world of their own. Perhaps, they new each other for a while and have only just realized what they've been missing out on.

Yellow cover Yellow by Coldplay

He's so madly in love that he is blinded ( by the color yellow), his love is like a color that takes over everything, and leads to him not be able to control himself, and have to confess his love in so many ways. It shows his loss of control, vulnerability and need for this other person. It has a hint of pain and hope within. In short, I see this song as his need to confess his love, a love that has completely taken hold of him.

I like this song is very nice but i don't know how to said this song is impromble for me

Yellow cover Yellow by Coldplay

He's deeply in love with someone, and is doing all he can to be with them. He is so in love that he is blinded. He also talks about all the things he's done to express his love ( writing songs etc), and admits their silly, but can't help himself and keeps spilling his affection for this person.

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