Released in October of 2014, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud” was set to be an instant and successful hit (which it did). With its linear but sweet and rich melody that progresses in a pleasant and natural way, this song tells a classical love story, yet being apart from conventions or other stereotypes in musical expressions.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud Via YouTube
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud Via YouTube

Music-wise, the simple and catchy four-chord riff that has a nice and smooth groove to it, is followed by a cleverly implemented bridge, that adds tensions and seems to solve conflicts; the song climaxes of course, in the chorus and here is where I think this song breaks loose and sets itself apart from other  modern-day love songs.

What it does is add a temporal side to the story; meaning, the lover doesn’t promise jewelry, cars, money, or other physical possessions. The lyrics And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70 / And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 set the whole mood of the song and also describe in few words the background of the two protagonists for which time together is the most important aspect.

Speaking of time, while the melody Ed Sheeran sings with his voice is simply soothing and sweet, the little breaks that he does in between lyrics are another decisive factor of the song’s originality and greatness. These short moments of silence really allow the listener to focus and sink in the things he is trying to share with us. That is a particular aspect because of how the whole song is allowed to `breathe` in this particular manner. Also, the title “Thinking out loud” somehow lets us know what the song is going to be about- a direct view into the lover’s private lives, a moment of revelation and honest falling in love over and over again.

The Essential Meaning of “Thinking Out Loud”

Essentially, the meaning behind the song is a sincere and intense confession of love, despite fame, possessions and most importantly, the passing of time. It is a reassuring feeling, a proof of everything being OK as long as they have each other. I think this is a well-written song, balanced and catchy, coming from an artist that is somewhere in the thin line between cheesy-commercial and true artist. Nevertheless, he is a special and exceptional presence in the music industry, with a promising musical career ahead of him.

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