After the release of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video on Tuesday, October 19 via Apple Music, everyone was barraged with viral clips and memes of Drake, playing tennis, slapping Nicki Minaj’s booty and dancing to Spanish music and Queen B’s Single Ladies

Here is one of my favorite compilation.

Meek Mill Makes Fun of Drake’s Dance Moves

On Friday night at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse in Philadelphia, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend Meek Mill (the “All Eyes On You” rapper) made fun of Drake’s dance moves. The two have been at odds since Meek dissed Drake on Twitter for using a ghostwriter. This leads to a very short rap battle between the two and was a clear win for Drake.

Drake Comments on the Viral Videos

“Any publicity is good publicity,” Drake said when asked about fans feasting on his memes and added that he was mad at first but saw the bigger picture that fans may watch, listen and eventually buy his music.

The song is presently at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, turning into Drakes’s most elevated topping single since “Best I Ever Had” hit at number 2.

However, with the recent streams, there is a huge possibility for it to reach the number one spot.

Remarkably, Drake is utilizing hotline bling as the sound of his telephone ringing. (The ideophone “Bling” was made popular by Lil Wayne).

The “Hotline Bling by Drake” Music Video

However, I believe that Hotline Bling is a remarkable song with profound lyrics to an old flame that he still cares for.

“Cause ever since I left the city, you
Started wearing less and goin’ out more
Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor
Hangin’ with some girls I’ve never seen before”

Who is Drake Singing About in Hotline Bling?

In 2009 it was accounted that Drake was seeing style originator Zineb “Nebby” Samir. Yet his fame gradually discolored their relationship as she no longer gives him any attention and he doesn’t know why.

In those days he had a relationship that revered him, she’s had an on-and-off bond with Drake a couple of times and Nebby’s Instagram record is a consistent update that she’s never home and continually setting out to intriguing places, and out wearing almost nothing. They became so bad that many of her posts were blocked and taken down by Instagram.

Taking into account the verses, it’s as though Drake composed this song while looking through her Instagram page. Maybe this had Drake feeling some type of way.

“Hotline Bling” Becomes a New Slang

He added that the main thing she’ll need was a “Hotline Bling”, now an urban slang for “booty call”. By portraying his PDA as a hotline, he’s referencing telephone sex hotlines that individuals call “for a good time.”

Drake has tricks up his sleeve to hit all the right spots, so it’s nothing unexpected his girl wanted a thing or two from him.

It’s not unusual for Drake to devote whole tracks to his ladies, as both Cece and Bria have served as dreams for his songs with the comparative assessment of long separation and misgiving.

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