Kendrick Lamar teams up with guest vocalist Zacari to dedicate an ode to that special lady in his life with the final result being one of the most melodic songs in his repertoire. The song comes as a reply to Kendrick’s previous record DAMN. record LUST.  with both artists jumping on the chorus to sing their desire to physically and spiritually be with that special someone.

Kendrick Lamar- LOVE. (feat. Zacari)
Kendrick Lamar- LOVE. feat. Zacari / DAMN Album Cover

Kendrick Begins by Questioning Loyalty

“LOVE” starts with Kid Capri making a small appearance as Kendrick jumps right in to announce a genuine intention to share his life journey with his special female friend. Things don’t advance so quickly, as the Compton rapper first questions his partner’s loyalty with a direct reference to 50 Cent’s early 2000 hit, 21 Questions. Perhaps a phase that all man goes through before making their commitment to honesty in a relationship. Every doubt goes away when he gets to see his lover, and they get intimate. At this point, Kendrick realizes that being one with her makes him complete. He also knows exactly what she needs, so whatever the rapper experiences during their intercourse, he can replicate it for his lover. In order words, they’re perfect for each other, so their love makes absolute sense since the feeling is mutual.

A Love for the Ages

As for verse two, K.Dot tells his lover that he’s on the way home, so she better be ready for action as soon as he steps in the house. As a matter of fact, their love is so passionate that Kendrick wanted to document it while filming their interaction. He did so by “borrowing” a camera from the TDE studios while knowing that his boss, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith would go insane if he found out. Perhaps that was an adrenaline rush to the rapper and his lover, but that’s nothing judging by how this verse ends. Lamar and Zacari take on the chorus duties once again, while the song ends with both of them expressing their sincere love for their ladies. A passion for the ages, as many would say, a love that changes you completely the second you feel it.

Who is Kendrick’s Singing About?

Kendrick’s special lady is probably his high-school sweetheart, whom he has been in a relationship with for a good while. This song is great to send some good vibes to that special someone in your life as the track portrays a mystery woman without pointing out any specific names. Go ahead and try it.

Kendrick Lamar- LOVE. feat. Zacari