This week we’ve prepared for you the top 10 funniest songs, and we’re not talking about parody songs. What we have for you is a list of popular songs that have witty, humorous, and sometimes a bit nonsensical lyrics that make us laugh. You’d think that the band Fun would have some funny song lyrics, but, in Ed Sheeran’s words, they “Don’t”.

The Funniest Songs Count Down

Let’s start our countdown, and see who among the biggest stars in music has a good sense of humor.

10) Pink by Aerosmith

We’ll start our list of top 10 funniest songs with “the Bad Boys from Boston” – Aerosmith. The band is considered to be one of the most successful ones; they have been making hits for almost half a century and were finally admitted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. Despite it all, Aerosmith has only one number 1 single “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

The song we’ve chosen for this list is “Pink”. Why? Because the lyrics to this song are simply genius, and of course, funny.

Pink it’s like red but not quite.
As pink as the sheets that we lay on
Pink it’s my favorite crayon, yeah

Steven Tyler can say just about anything, and make it sound cool

9) Business Time by Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords is a band from New Zealand that consists of two members – Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. Even though not many people have heard about these two guys, the folk-rock band won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album in 2008.

The two witty New Zealanders majored in theater and film, and Jemaine Clement can play seven different instruments including ukulele, omnichord, and 5 other instruments.

Now, do you know what time it is for Flight of the Conchords? It’s Business Time!

Funny Lyrics

When it’s with me, girl, you only need two minutes,
because I’m so intense. You say something like, “Is that it?”
I know what you’re trying to say.
You’re trying to say, “Aww yeah, that’s it.”
Then you tell me you want some more.
Well, I’m not surprised. But I’m quite sleepy.

Actually, the entire song is quite funny.

8) Because I Got High by Afroman

The musician we’ll talk about next is best known for his single “Because I Got High” – a 2001 hit that undoubtedly deserved a spot on our list of top 10 funniest songs. Joseph Foreman, better known by his stage name Afroman, wrote the song for his friends in 2 minutes. “Because I Got High” was meant to be just a funny song that was supposed to amuse Afroman’s friends, but it became a major hit that made it to the top of charts in the UK, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, etc.

Funny Lyrics

The entire song!

afroman got high

There’s also Because I Got High Positive Remix that Afroman released about a year ago. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we’ll share just one line of this song with you, and you decide whether it’s worth listening to or not:

I’m playing basketball and jogging and I know why because I got high…

7) Gypsy by Shakira

Next on our list is a Colombian singer little known by her full name – Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. This is why we like to call her simply Shakira, and we’re always surprised to discover her many talents. Did you know that Shakira can play the harmonica?

The incredibly talented and smart singer has so many funny lyrics that was hard to decide which song to include in our list of top 10 funniest songs. So we rolled a dice and Gypsy was it! Here is the funniest lyrics Shakira sang over the years.

Funny Lyrics

I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

Get your own clothes Shakira. Haha!

6) Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring

Back in 1984, a licensed pilot, Dexter Holland formed a punk band – the Offspring. The members of this American punk band started playing together over three decades ago, and they were never that much concerned about becoming famous. Their tenth studio album is scheduled for 2016, and nothing has changed to this day. What these four guys still care about the most is having fun while making great music. For our list of funny songs, we’ve chosen the Offspring’s “Pretty Fly”.

Funny Lyrics

He needs some cool tunes
Not just any will suffice.
But they didn’t have Ice Cube So he bought Vanilla Ice.

But in his own mind
He’s the dopest trip.

Imagine that state of mind 🙂

5) Stonehenge by Ylvis

We talked about the Fairbrass brothers about a paragraph or two ago, and we’ll now talk about another two brothers that come from Norway – Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. They’re more recognizable as the duo Ylvis that is “responsible” for a major hit “The Fox”. They have their own talk show and hilarious songs.

On our list of Top 10 funniest songs is “Stonehenge”.

Funny Lyrics

What’s the purpose of Stonehenge?
A giant granite birthday cake
Or a prison far too easy to escape?

Two Stone Age-guys wondering what to do
Who just said: “Dude, let’s build a henge or two!

We also recommend “Someone Like Me”

4) Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovic

At the very beginning, we said there won’t be any parodies on this list. However, we had to make an exception for Weird Al Yankovic. He specializes in making comedy music, has over 150 original and parody songs, and covers the following genres: polka, comedy, and parody.

Without further ado, here’s one of the funniest lyrics to Weird Al Yankovic’s parody songs – “Amish Paradise lyrics”.

Funny Lyrics

You know, I shun fancy things like electricity

If you come to visit, you’ll be bored to tears
We haven’t even paid the phone bill in 300 years
But we ain’t really quaint, so please don’t point and stare
We’re just technologically impaired

3) Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz

The next song on our list is performed by a real-life thrifter – Macklemore. He enjoys finding secondhand clothes, but shoes make an exception. When he finds great shoes, he’s willing to spend a hefty amount of money on them. The single that made him famous worldwide, “Thrift Shop” has made it on our list of funniest songs and it’s performed by Professor Macklemore and his best friend and music partner Ryan Lewis.

Funny Lyrics

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible
Dressed in all pink except my gator shoes, those are green
They had a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard

… And, well, the rest of the song.

2) I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Two brothers from London, Fred and Richard Fairbrass formed a band that was named after Bernard Cribbins’ single “Right Said Fred” in 1989. They became famous with their single “I’m Too Sexy”, and even though they had several successful singles in the following years they remained a One-Hit Wonder in the US.

Our list of Top 10 funniest songs wouldn’t be complete without the song “I’m Too Sexy”, so here’re some funny lyrics from it:

I’m too sexy for my cat

I’m too sexy for your party… No way I’m disco dancing

1) It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

This single from Shaggy’s multi-platinum album Hot Shot just had to be our #1 funniest song. It takes a bad situation and turned it into something so humorous. The song is about a man seeking advice from a friend after getting caught cheating red handed. What advice did he get? Tell her it wasn’t you.

But she caught me on the counter (It wasn’t me)
Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn’t me)
She even caught me on camera (It wasn’t me)

Deny! Deny! Deny! Until she get that gun then you know you better run fast.

These have been our top 10 funniest songs ever! Ok, Ok… So we gave you more than 10. But that’s even better… Right? Let us know what’s your funniest song of all time in the comment section below.